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Is harp easy to learn?

Im 14, and im planning to take Harp

is it easy to learn?
cuz i want to take grades before i go to UNiversity, i take flute and piano.

and flute is pretty easy to learn.

thanks =]
(i follow the ABRSM exams. The british ones becuase i live in Hong kong.)


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5 Responses to "Is harp easy to learn?"

  1. someone says:
    I am really not sure it might be hard because all the little strings.
  2. Spadesboffin says:
    I don’t know but just don’t harp on about it.


  3. clittellsimpson says:
    it it is likee any other stringed insament it is pretty hard
  4. blind_wood_carver says:
    It is if ur musicaly incline, it’s mostly patterns of finger rolls up & down the harps cords & returning to different cord sections
  5. too-embarassed says:
    well, unlike the guitar, the harp doesn’t have chords. you don’t need to position your fingers and press the strings against its neck. the strings have already been laid out before you and all you have to do is to know which string plays which note.

    also, unlike my guitar which only has six strings, the harp has a lot of strings. it may be hard for you to farmilliarize yourself with the notes they play.

    anyway, every instrument can be hard to learn (all the more to master) but it all depends on how determined you are, how much you practice and more importantly how much you like it and enjoy it.

    good luck and by the way, if you want to play the acoustic guitar instead, i found the book Guitar for Dummies to be very helpful! good luck on your goal!!!

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