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Is it absolutely necessary to have an attorney to file bankruptcy?

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4 Responses to "Is it absolutely necessary to have an attorney to file bankruptcy?"

  1. Mara says:
    Probably not in all cases. Your library will have books like “Bankruptcy step by step” (by James John Jurinski) that explain the process and give examples of the forms you need to file.
  2. haroldwdalton says:
    i think a better question to ask is.. do you really want to not have one when filing chapter 11??…

    as far as the answer to your question.. no.. you dont HAVE to have an attorney for anything..

  3. chslaw says:
    As of October 17, 2005, it became much more difficult for many people to file bankruptcy. The paperwork has increased by about 75%. The new laws and procedures are confusing even to us lawyers. If you don’t follow all the right steps, your case might be dismissed and it becomes even more difficult to file. It is not absolutely necessary, but I pity the poor soul to tries to file bankruptcy on their own without an attorney.
  4. ckgillis_99 says:
    If you needed surgery you would go to a docotor right? Bankruptcy is a major process that will impact you for years. Screw it up and it will haunt you even longer. This is too important of a decision to try to handle yourself. Use a professional.

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