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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Law » Is it better to hire a parelegal or attorney for a bankruptcy filing?…?

Is it better to hire a parelegal or attorney for a bankruptcy filing?…?

I’m 25.. I don’t own a house, but have about $25k unsecured debt I owe and want to file BK… Additionally, I have a 2 yr new car currently financed for an additional $25k I want to keep.. I know attorneys are expensive in my area Van Nuys/ West San Fernando Valley, so am finding myself at possibly going with a paralegal.. Please help, and advise if this is smart or not… I definately don’t want to lose my car… Thanks!


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4 Responses to "Is it better to hire a parelegal or attorney for a bankruptcy filing?…?"

  1. Andrea T says:
    You definitely want to spend the money on the attorney so you get good advice before moving forward.
  2. ginger says:
    Have you tried Pre-Paid Legal? They’re a company that works with the best law firms across the country and is designed to make everything legal more affordable to the working class Americans.

    We know of some friends who are considering bankruptcy and working with them.

    You can check them out online at

    Good luck!

  3. m w says:
    DUDE. Please stop this insanity before you ruin your financial life. You CANNOT be seriously considering filing bankruptcy on essentially $25K in unsecured debt! And you’d pay an attorney even more money to get you out of your money problem? Wow. Who told you this is a good move?!

    I’m assuming you’re a healthy, employed 25 year old. So you’re 25 and you feel comfortable paying off a $25K car loan, but want to clear the 25 of unsecured because it’s just too huge? If you’re disabled, and would never make another dime in your life, and this was 500K versus 25K, OK, sure, BK’s certainly an option.

    You’re mowing your yard with a nuclear weapon, here. By doing this, you’ll make sure you’re not bankable for a mortgage for multiple years. You might blow away the current problem, and if you don’t fix your behavior, you’ll be right back in it in a few years.

    I hate hawking other people’s books, but you need to burn $15 bucks on Dave Ramsey’s new book ASAP. He’s got a radio show as well, and I’ll warn you beforehand, he’s a terrible writer. But his principles are extremely sound and will get you thru this mess. Go learn as much as you can from him so that you can breath some free air again.

    More advanced warning: The car has to go. Sorry. Best of luck!

  4. Jennifer says:
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