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Is it difficult to apply for refinancing a mortgage?

I recently was behind on my mortgage but I have been on time for a few months. Should I wait to try to refinance my mortgage?


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3 Responses to "Is it difficult to apply for refinancing a mortgage?"

  1. Cold says:
    Not enough information.
    Only re-fi if you know you can get at least 1.5% interest rate.
    Closing costs are a monster and sometimes you are better off just putting all those costs directly into an extra mortgage payment to save money over the long run.

    Also it may be a bad idea to refi a home with only 16 years left to pay, back into a 30 year mortgage. You will still need your home to have 20% equity…

  2. KL says:
    It’s easy to apply, difficult to be approved. You’ll have to wait until 12 months have passed since your most recent late mortgage payment to even be considered. Your credit scores will need to be there, though, and after a late payment on a mortgage this may not happen.
  3. Bill Galloway says:
    It is easy to apply for a mortgage. When you apply you must provide credit, income, job history (no gaps longer than 6 months), debts. From that info you will be qualified for a loan amount.

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