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Is it difficult to refinance a student loan?


  1. If my Dad cosigns for my student loan will it affect his ability to get a loan to refinance his house? I need a cosigner for my student loan this semester which would probably be around $9,000 in January. My dad...

  2. Best way to refinance the student loan? My girlfriend has an outstanding student loan of $3,000 with 8% annual interest day. What’s the best way to refinance...

  3. Can you refinance a student loan? My student loan interest rate is currently at 16.75%!!! I had no job and very poor credit when I got...

  4. How can I refinance my student loan? I know my stafford loans are fixed at 6.8% since it disbursed after July 1, 2006. But with the current...

  5. Can refinance my student loan through MY bank? If I have a student loan at another bank—can refinance them through MY bank where I have my checking account?...

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3 Responses to "Is it difficult to refinance a student loan?"

  1. Matthew M says:
    As of now you can not refinace a student loan. you can consolodate them when you are done with all of your schooling but you can not refinace them. That is one of the rules that the gov’t has set.
  2. emmature says:
    Oh- but if you’re thinking about consolidation, do it NOW. Rates on federal loans are going up July 2 if I’m not mistaken. Consolidating now will lock in the lower rate.
  3. Paul K says:
    When you consolidate, the rate is locked in at today’s rate (which is due to rise 2% next month). You can do it online or on the phone with, takes about 15 minutes.

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