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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Legal Help » Is it legal for a 33 year old man to spank a 17 year old girl?

Is it legal for a 33 year old man to spank a 17 year old girl?

The 33 year old is not the girl’s father or anything but the spanking is consensual.. She wants him to spank her to help her get better grades.. Is that legal?


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13 Responses to "Is it legal for a 33 year old man to spank a 17 year old girl?"

  1. Ashton says:
    No, its an adult hurting a minor, if it was the dad then thats different
  2. Lucifer says:
    yes very, its not legal till shes 18, that would be counted as sexual assault to a minor, plus if she wants it then u should be worried on how she will end up turning out, if shes ur friend u have to talk to her and find out the truth cause that cant be the reason, u have to help her before it get too late, hope this helps friend =)
  3. mommy200 says:
    No way! I’m not even sure how to read into this question because I’m finding it hard to believe that the spanking is innocent.
  4. angelsawait10 says:
    shes 17 she clearly knows right from its her fault. dont blame the 33 yr old..and if that is what she wants then yes …but people shouldnt go crying child abuser because its not like that girl is a kid,she clearly is an adult and in the age to go to college ..shes fine!
  5. PS3 Slim says:
    No it’s not legal.
  6. Annie says:
    Spanking is legal, assault is not–putting your hands on someone in any fashion could be assault. No person with any intelligence wants to be spanked, you are deceiving yourself. A 17 year old girl should NEVER EVER repeat, NEVER EVER be spanked. It is demeaning, demoralizing, unkind, counter productive and speaks of either one or both people being unbalanced. My son is 35 and he would never lay a hand on a 17 year old, not matter what that 17 year old said. I hope that you seriously take a good look at this, and if you continue to do it, I hope that you are reported to the authorities by someone who cares how this girl turns out. Please consider the damage you are doing to her, Please, for her sake, allow her a normal life.
  7. M says:
    It is legal with consent from a parent but most would view it from the sexual aspect because discipline does not compute with them.
  8. Jamie says:
    If there is any sexual component to the spanking it is illegal, and prosecution is likely. If there is no sexual component, it is probably technically illegal (unless it is with parental consent), but it is unlikely he would be prosecuted if she admits she consented, even though she can’t legally consent.
  9. Caryn Bayer says:
    She obviously knows what she is doing ;) Let her have her fun.
  10. pracklypane says:
    you state the spanking is consensual suggesting a sexual context to it

    but you also state it is to help her get better grades suggesting it is for disciplinary reasons

    Now you also state the man is not the child’s father or anything (to her)

    So here is the answer:
    If it is for sexual gratification is not probably not illegal as long as:
    a. the child is past the age of consent and/or
    b. the man does not have any sort of custody or supervision of the child

    If it is for disciplinary reasons- consent is irrelevant and unnecessary. I’ll tell you what once the child has gotten the strap across her bottom a few times she is going to wish she hadn’t consented and she’ll be applying herself to her school work

  11. Maria Mendez says:
    apart from legal or not. it is not right if you do this.
  12. samantha says:
    Not sure where you are but in most places the age of consent is 16 or less. (there are exceptions – this listing may help determine the legal age in your location – ) Those answers here stating that it’s illegal because “she’s a minor” are most likely incorrect.

    There have been people prosecuted for assault even for consensual spankings but this is rare. 2 cases that come to mind was the “paddleboro” case (in attleboro massachusetts) –
    and a case in Sweeden –

    in both cases above the people engaged in the activity were consenting adults, legally old enough to give that consent and none of the involved parties wanted to prosecute. In my opinion I don’t see any differences between someone engaged in a professional boxing match vs. someone involved in consensual spanking activities but that doesn’t mean a jury of your peers would agree.

    I am not aware of any reason that the activity would be illegal for any other conceivable reason. Those claiming that it is illegal should reference the specific laws that would apply.

    Also – Spanking may be an activity that is (sometimes) sexual but it isn’t a sexual activity normally included in the applicable “age of consent” laws. (at least not the one’s I’ve read) So personally I don’t see an “age of consent” issue at all. The question of “is it grounds for an assault charge” by an overzealous DA would be my only basis for a legal concern.

  13. Mall says:
    Answering for the US, the age of majority is 18. The age of consent (for sexual purposes) is lower in many states, but only under one of two conditions – if both partners are of a similar age (generally if one is under 18 and the other is under 21), or with parental consent. In this case, the man is 33 while the girl is 17, so this could easily be considered sexual assault, and even if there is no sex involved it could be considered physical assault.

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