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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Help » Is it legal for my ex to have me listed as a creditor he owes money to on his bankruptcy? Childsupport?

Is it legal for my ex to have me listed as a creditor he owes money to on his bankruptcy? Childsupport?

My ex and his wife have filed chapter 13. They have listed only me and there house as their only debts. He doesn’t owe any back child support yet! He wants his payments reduced because he’s filed bankruptcy. Does anyone know more about this? Will the state really aloow this to happen? We have two children together, 11 & 8. Been divorced since 2001. Child support has never been increased. Someone please help!


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3 Responses to "Is it legal for my ex to have me listed as a creditor he owes money to on his bankruptcy? Childsupport?"

  1. My Take on It says:
    He can ask the family court to lower his payments. Whether he gets it or not is another matter. You need to consult with your divorce attorney.
  2. kariba says:
    A bankruptcy has nothing to do with child support. Any money owed is not dischargable so if he wants child support lowered he will need to go through district court (or the court that handles child support in your state). Also, the court may look at it as if he has no other debt so he should be paying the set amount for child support.
  3. Wayne S says:
    Bankruptcy Court cannot change the amount of a child support order. Which would mean that the only thing that the Bankruptcy court can do is negotiate his mortgage. If the judge feels that the house they are living in is beyond their means he may just tell them they need to move to a smaller place. More than likely, with just outstanding debt he may just dismiss the case all together.

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