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Is it legal for the passenger of a permit driver to be drunk?

I have my driver’s permit. In the state of Kentucky, is it legal for the licensed adult driver sitting in the passenger seat to be drunk? I’ve heard it’s not, but it doesn’t say anything about it in the driver’s manual. Dad doesn’t believe me, and I’m tired of playing Designated Driver. Any help would be appreciated.

Also, the reasoning he has is that it’s safer for me to drive while he’s drunk, as opposed to him being drunk. How would I explain this to a cop in case I ever get pulled over?


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7 Responses to "Is it legal for the passenger of a permit driver to be drunk?"

  1. MichaelS says:
    NO! If something happened to you, like getting arrested while driving, he couldn’t take over, and the car would be towed.
  2. Shaii says:
    Heckkk naww !
  3. Wend Song says:
    In CA, it specifically states that the adult driver must be able to take over the vehicle if necessary: “A parent, guardian, spouse or adult 25 years of age or older, who has a valid California driver license, must be with you when you drive. He or she must sit in a position close enough to take control of the vehicle, if necessary.”

    I went to your state’s DMV site and what a mess! No wonder you can’t find anything. I did go to another site and found this (Last Sentence):

    “While driving the permit holder must be accompanied by an adult driver a minimum of 21 years of age. The adult must sit in the front passenger seat directly next to the permit holder.”

    Unfortunately, it looks as if your Dad’s right, so you shouldn’t need to explain anything to a cop. However, that doesn’t mean you have to let your Dad get away with it. You are the driver, after all. It’s something like being the captain of a ship. If they don’t want to put on their seat belt, they don’t ride. If they aren’t sober, they don’t ride.

    Explain to your Dad that you don’t feel safe when he isn’t sober and the law intends that the adult should be able to take over the vehicle if necessary. That’s why he’s there. He is supposed to give you correction when you make mistakes and help you out in emergencies and simple things drunks can’t do, like notice red lights and stop signs. That’s why it’s called a Learner’s permit.

    It also looks as if your Dad is making you into an enabler (but that’s another topic).

    Next, perhaps you should work through your school or other organization (MADD) to get those words added to the Kentucky vehicle code. It is a giant loop hole.

  4. jamminjayzee says:
    wow funny situation….really LMAO but im pretty sure the law doesn’t want the person responsible for you to be drunk..
  5. RevolutoR says:
    Its absolutely illegal. You’ll have to wait a year to get you license and your dads license will get suspended for a year. You’ll both get tickets just because your dad is sitting on the back. Can you imagine what would happen if they find he’s drunk.
  6. Sophia M says:
    It is illegal. When you have your permit, the law is that you drive with an adult over 25, and I quote “who can take control of the wheel at any time”.

    When you have your LICENSE, then it’s legal.

  7. sgoldperson says:
    When you have a permit you have to drive with a VALID Licensed driver. Since he is DRUNK his license isn’t “valid” at the moment. Basically anyone who isn’t allowed to drive ISN’T allowed to be the licensed driver with you.

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