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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Legal Help » Is it legal to summarize university lectures and upload them to my blog for educational purposes?

Is it legal to summarize university lectures and upload them to my blog for educational purposes?

I’m currently studying in USA. I find that the lectures here are amazing. I think I could help other students (especially in my home country) to understand what I learned by summarizing the ideas I’ve got from the classes and upload them to my personal blog for other students to read. Is it illegal doing this? If it is, is there any way I can make it legal?


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2 Responses to "Is it legal to summarize university lectures and upload them to my blog for educational purposes?"

  1. Draco says:
    yes. ust put them in your own words to make sure.
  2. kindergranny says:
    The lectures are automatically copyrighted. If you intend to summarize, remember to give proper credit to the lecturer (even if you “put it in your own words” it is not your original idea and credit must be given). For anything more than a brief summary, you should get permission from the lecturer to post (written permission would be the best way to cover yourself legally). Reasoning is that the notes taken at a lecture are for your personal use as a student, but if you intend to share them with others not in your class, you need the lecturer’s permission. If this is difficult to understand, consider your course text: you paid for it and it is yours to use, but you are not permitted to photocopy it and give it to others; the material is copyrighted and the property of the copyright owner who owns the rights to distribution. To avoid problems, always get permission of the author before posting his work for others to read.

    Copyright rules in this country are more stringent than in other countries.

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