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is it possible to add traffic tickets to a debt consolidation program?

I am about to go nuts, I am in very serious debt and to add to it i have outstanding traffic tickets. I was considering debt consolidation but what I’m wondering is if i can add the tickets to the debt consolidation plan?
Only serious answers please.

Thank you for your time.
that is what I am afraid of .. warrant ..
of course i will pay for the fines in full. If i am allowed to put the tickets in a debt consolidation program then the fines will be paid in full because the debt consolidation program pays for everything and then you pay them.


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4 Responses to "is it possible to add traffic tickets to a debt consolidation program?"

  1. Norman O says:
    Sure, but you still have to pay those fines in full. Otherwise….does the word warrant mean anything to you?
  2. STEVEN F says:
    MOST debt consolidation companies are scams. The COURT won’t talk to the legitimate ones.
  3. Robeo says:
    Chpt 13,,,,,,,,,,
    You can repay the fines in there and the other debts go bye bye–
    “debt cons —is a joke !!
  4. Debt Guru says:
    No. Student loans, child support, traffic violations, all these you cannot wish away with a debt consolidation program, which is mainly for credit card debt, personal loans and a few other types of unsecured debts.

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