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Is it possible to get a consolidation loan with really horrible credit?

I was in the hospital a while back and bills started piling up. I lost my job, was kicked out of school, and then my car broke down. I had no way to pay my bills and now that I have a job, I can’t pay any minimum payments on anything including my student loan. I was just wondering if it was possible to get a consolidation loan to pay one low payment with my extremely horrible credit.


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4 Responses to "Is it possible to get a consolidation loan with really horrible credit?"

  1. Angela Ochoa says:
    noooooo you have to let 7 years pass by
  2. money making says:
    Hey I was in the same boat. I wasnt in the hospital but It was hard to pay the bills!!! Go this site click the link under click here!!! I promise its a great site and its free to sign up!!! try it out!!!
  3. danny says:
    All types of loans are available for students,employees and retired persons.Worldwide banks are ready to provide the loans for all.See the website below and apply your required throe on line.
  4. Post Collegiate Financial Serv. says:
    As far as your student loans go, you should be able to put them into a deferment or forbearance, so you don’t have to pay right now. As long as you haven’t gone into default on your student loans, you can consolidate those, and lower the payments by 50%, and still qualify for deferment and forbearance. As far as other consolidation with really bad credit, I don’t know. All I can say is be careful.

    If you do decide that federal student loan consolidation is in your best interest, let me know.

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