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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Law » Is it possible to have an attorney appointed by the court of law in order to file for bankruptcy?

Is it possible to have an attorney appointed by the court of law in order to file for bankruptcy?

a friend of mine is looking for an attorney to file and does not have the means to pay to them. Can he get one for free if he qualifies for that?


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7 Responses to "Is it possible to have an attorney appointed by the court of law in order to file for bankruptcy?"

  1. UNITool says:
    There are free legal services available – court will only appoint attorneys for criminal defense.
  2. Veronikak says:
    you shouldn’t have to get an attorney…depends on the situation….what level of bankruptcy?
  3. Trent says:
    Contact a free legal aide in your county/city. Good luck
  4. jayda says:
    yea.. thats the 6th amendment i think.. you are entitled an attorny if u dont have the money to pay for one…. it free if charge… but in sme cares you dont need one but this case sounds like you will get one.. dont let any one tell you other wise
  5. CuriousGeorge says:
    Bankrupcy require the courts time and the judges time. Every document entering a court required a docket number. All of these together are called “court fees” You must pay for a docket number, the processing fees and the judges time. If you do it on your own it may run you under $400. A lawyer will charge you the court fee and his own fees which are usually double. Figure paying a lawyer about $800. You can also find bankruptcy software. You answer the approriate questions and figure out which bankruptcy is best for you.
    good luck
  6. SciFiDiva says:
    Your friend needs to contact legal aid in your area. If he qualifies for legal aid, mostly based on income, then he will have a lawyer. If he does not qualify, then he needs to call around and find a bankruptcy lawyer that will accept payments. Just understand that they will not FILE the case until their fees are paid in full.

    Under the new law, I would not recommend that ANYONE file w/o a lawyer, there are just too many pitfalls that can get you into trouble. Unless your friend is ready to take on the court system, the Trustee, and all the paperwork that goes with a bankruptcy case, he needs a lawyer.

    Also under the new law, he MUST complete a 90 minute credit counseling session before he will be allowed to file bankruptcy at all, and he cannot get counseling and file the next day. He has to get the counseling within 180 days of filing.

    How much you pay for a lawyer varies greatly by state and by area within the state. Someone in NYC is going to pay more than the guy from Podunk, Alabama.

    Oh. and bankruptcy is FEDERAL court and it is CIVIL law, the state or feds will NOT give you a free lawyer for a CIVIL case.

  7. wantu_waiting says:
    You need your own

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