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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » is it standard procedure when refinancing a mortgage for them to want a copy of your entire federal tax return?

is it standard procedure when refinancing a mortgage for them to want a copy of your entire federal tax return?

from last year along with 1099′s and w-2′s? this is an enormous pain in the neck?


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7 Responses to "is it standard procedure when refinancing a mortgage for them to want a copy of your entire federal tax return?"

  1. src50 says:
    Yes. The days of “no doc” loans are gone.
  2. SmartA$$ says:
    Yes, they want to verify your income. If you don’t have it available, you can always ask if there is something else you can get for income verification, perhaps copies of pay-stubs or a letter from your employer about how much you make.
  3. Bob F says:
    Now that banks are tired of losing 1/2 of their loans to foreclosures and abandonments, they would actually like to know something about you. So, yes, it is normal. And why is it a pain in the neck? You just photocopy your tax return. You should be keeping them for three to seven years anyway.
  4. mike k says:
    Not in Canada. Yet! This this doesn’t surprise me. Every time I’ve refinanced, the process has become more intrusive and cumbersome. This is what we get for turning our lives and businesses over to non-producers like lawyers and accountants. They continually set up new hoops to defend their meddling in these affairs – and, of course, justify their cut.
  5. E G says:
    Yes the financial crisis has caused this but be veryc areful as you dont want all of your personal information being faxed about such as your charitable contributions etc..their have been lawsuits where confidential information from the tax returns have become common knowledge…
    make it clear to the people that only certain parts of the return can be copied…..happens a lot in small towns using local banks where you have a young non professional person faxing info and they read it and make copies for them selves and freinds..always be very very cautious with that type of info..
  6. dudeski says:
    I noticed the word “entire”. From past experience I have not had to show any Schedule Cs etc.
  7. Luv2Answer says:
    It’s pretty standard these days

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