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is there a advantage of debit management solution companies?

I accumulated lot of debit on my credit cards, I am planing to work with debit management solution companies, instead of filing for bankruptcy, I would like to know wheather, debit management solutions real help me.


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3 Responses to "is there a advantage of debit management solution companies?"

  1. VaTreasures says:
    Be sure to research the debt management organization that you decide to work with. Many of them had their non-profit status revoked. It is definitely preferrable going through debt management rather than bankruptcy.
  2. michaelsaad10 says:
    This is definitely better than bankruptcy, but if you own a home refinance may be a better solution
  3. golferwhoworks says:
    Any future lender will see this as a chapter 13 BK. Filing a 13 is the cheapest way out and the interest stops the day you file. Then you just have to pay back the principal amounts do. There is life after bankruptcy. The debt consolidation companies do not work for free. They charge you and will ruin your credit as well since they will not start paying till you probably reach charge off status.

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