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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Bankruptcy Law » is there a bankruptcy lawyer in dallas who lets you pay in payment plans to file chapter 7?

is there a bankruptcy lawyer in dallas who lets you pay in payment plans to file chapter 7?

I am looking for someone to file my chapter 7, but I don’t have enough money to pay it all up front, are there any lawyers who will let you do it with a payment plan? (and no i don’t mean chapter 13 payment plans i mean the actual fee to file chapter 7)


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2 Responses to "is there a bankruptcy lawyer in dallas who lets you pay in payment plans to file chapter 7?"

  1. Tigg says:
    Since you are declaring bankruptcy because you cannot make payments a lawyer will not extend you credit. The court fees must be paid upfront and nor is the lawyer paying out of his pocket for those
  2. R says:
    Almost all lawyers in town will let you pay in installments, then file your Chapter 7 case for you once you’ve made the final installment payment.

    Filing it earlier– before getting all the money– and then letting you finish paying it off later after it’s filed is basically illegal. It’s not literally against the law, but it creates an impermissible conflict of interest that requires the attorney to withdraw from your case. In other words, you pay an attorney to represent you but then end up on your own without an attorney.

    The law firm of Clark & Washington is under investigation from the US Department of Justice for doing it the way you described– filing Chapter 7 cases and then getting the fee afterward.

    Hope this explanation helps.

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