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is there a refiannce program out there….?

that can help us?

we are underwater with our mortgage. hav eperfect credit make good money, never mised a payment. i found the HARP program, but i guess hte issue is our mortgage isnt insured by Fannie Mae or freddie Mac.


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3 Responses to "is there a refiannce program out there….?"

  1. YahooAnswersProfile says:
    if you can come up with addition money to bring 20% equity to hour house, you can refinance.
  2. Appraiser guy says:
    First thing is Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac does not insure mortgages, FHA & HUD insure mortgages. 2nd thing is just because your home is worth less than your Mtg, thats a personal problem.
  3. Rocky says:
    If the below site doesn’t help and…IF your home is not in a single family home zoned area (check with your zoning department as they changed very recently) you may have to rent out a room in order to help make your payments.

    I know a few retired people that refinanced found that their garage made and excellent rental, or a room where the window can be made into a door for access outside and to prevent accessibility to the rest of the house.

    With the economy you might just have to walk away from your home as bad as that sounds it sometimes is the better choice.

    the second site might help to release you from your home, if you go to the bank and tell them you can’t afford the payments in some areas they will work out something with you so you can rent the home back from bank since an empty house gets vandalized and cost them money.

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