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Is there a way to find an attorney to help pro bono?

I am going through a foreclosure and can’t afford to hire an attorney and was wondering if there are any pro bono and how to find them? I called my local court house and they said they don’t have referrals like that. I called the bar association and left a message in their mailbox and don’t know what they’ll say. This is in Los Angeles.


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3 Responses to "Is there a way to find an attorney to help pro bono?"

  1. Crown Royal says:
    Yes, look here….
  2. Quizzard says:
    Very unlikely. Foreclosure isn’t the type of thing most attorneys work pro bono on. That tends to be cases where a person is at risk of life or liberty (jail, in other words)
  3. Artemis Gwen says:
    Sorry, but you are probably not going to be able to find a pro bono attorney on this kind of a case.

    There are just so many people who need free legal representation – and there just are not enough attorneys to help them.

    You can check with the Los Angeles County Legal Services organization to see if they can help.

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