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is there any benefit of refinancing mortgage with same bank(B of A)?

do i get to save some steps, time, fees, headache? or is it like starting brand new even if i do it thru same lender? is it good idea to stay with b of a? i heard about getting attorney involved when financing. is it necessary when refinancing with same lender?


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One Response to "is there any benefit of refinancing mortgage with same bank(B of A)?"

  1. Ms.K says:
    Even if you refinance with the same bank it is like starting from scratch. You might not have to get your home reappraised or a new survey done of the property. But it just depends on the bank. You do not need an attorney for financing. When the bank starts the process you will just need to choose a title company and they will handle all the paperwork and legal requirements at closing.

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