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Is there any way to get a mortgage with a bankruptcy on your credit report?

My fiance and I are trying to buy our first house but our bank won’t give us a mortgage because I have a bankruptcy on my credit from 2 1/2 years ago and they say it needs to be 4 years old first. I’m wondering if there is any other company out there that will give a mortgage any sooner. Most places give you anything after bankruptcy because they know you can’t claim bankruptcy again for 7 years. Please help!


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6 Responses to "Is there any way to get a mortgage with a bankruptcy on your credit report?"

  1. telefantastical says:
  2. Ashley N says:
    OK first off the last person that just said something was being a smart*** and yes I am sure you can. You’ll just have to look around! Try searching on yahoo or google and you can also try calling your local banks.. Goodluck!
  3. Sharon T says:
    Your best bet is to find a seller who doesn’t have a mortgage and is willing to carry the financing for you. This will work if you have a decent down payment saved.

    If you do not, it is time to start savings in a big way. You’ll have to either wait out the time period for a conventional or FHA mortgage or go seller-financed.

  4. Jeff T says:
    Sorry, but most of the mortgage brokers who were lending to people with recent bankruptcys have themselves gone bankrupt, when too many borrowers failed to pay their mortgages on time.

    The ones who are still in business learned their lesson, and aren’t lending to broke people.

  5. Expert Realtor says:
    Yes, they are correct.

    …and you won’t even get the loan in 4 years if you don’t have excellent, re-established credit with a flawless payment history.

    If you did find a bank willing to finance you, you would end up paying DOUBLE DIGIT interest rates.

    So why do you want to make the same financial mistakes that lead you to file for bankruptcy in the first place????????

    Unless you are homeless, purchasing is a WANT and not a NEED.

  6. chatsplas says:
    YES< but most banks want you to wait 3-5 years first.
    They want evidence that you are not repeating your bad patterns, that you have learned good financial management.
    This is not a credit card or even a car, this is a 20 year investment and they don’t want to lend to some one who will go bankrupt again in 7 years because that’s how you operate, because foreclosure is an expensive process.
    The better your credit, the higher your down payment, and the lower your debt, the better chance you have of getting a mortgage in 4-5 years after a bankruptcy, at a decent rate.

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