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Is this a valid way to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report?

I have heard this is a good way to remove a BK. See below. Has anyone tried this?

Unlike other negative information which stays on your credit report for 7 years, bankruptcy can be reported for up to 10 years.

Bankruptcy courts keep cases active for a period of two years before placing them on microfiche.

If your Chapter 7 bankruptcy has aged at least 27 months since the date of discharge, your in a great position to make it disappear forever, simply file disputes with the credit bureaus indicating that your bankruptcy was a Chapter 13 and not a Chapter 7.

You need not provide any documentation to support your dispute, the burden of proof is on the government.

Bankruptcy courts do not respond to requests for verification on cases which has been archived to microfiche, as a result the credit bureaus are required to remove the bankruptcy from your credit report.


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5 Responses to "Is this a valid way to remove a bankruptcy from your credit report?"

  1. Bob says:
    Sounds like an urban myth and likely scam to me. The credit bureaus have the case file and can quickly ascertain the BK chapter the case was filed under.

    I’ve seen the BK clerks tell people where to call for archived case information. Plus, most cases are electronically filed and the clerks have this info at a click of a mouse.

  2. Faye H says:
    Good luck with that.

    The fallacy of this is that the government will eventually respond and the minute they do, it goes right back on your record. I had a friend that tried it. He managed to get it off his record for all of about 3 weeks before the court sent the needed proof back to Experian.

  3. stephanie m says:
    how long have you had the bankruptcy when was it discharged ? I run a credit repair business and in some states you can have it removed but it will depend on where you are ? emai me if you have questions
  4. hendy h says:
    How to Clean Up Credit Report Before approving your loan, your lender contacts the credit bureaus to get your credit report. Bad credit report will severely restrict your credit. In some cases, you may not even get the credit. So it is vital to get your credit report cleaned. To enable you to achieve that you have to alter your financial habits

  5. Yvette B yvetteb says:
    thats great info, thanks.

    this guys is pretty good at explaining some of that, plus has sample letter to send to the three major credit agencies.



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