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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Foreclosure Help » Is this America’s final mortgage meltdown? Fla. attorney Matt Weidner explains the mess

Is this America’s final mortgage meltdown? Fla. attorney Matt Weidner explains the mess The latest episode of the Financial Survival Podcast explores the latest and possibly final mortgage meltdown in the United States of America: what the media is calling the “robo-signing” scandal. Podcast host Jay Carter suspects the true problem goes far beyond how quickly foreclosure paperwork was handled, and that this story could possibly turn into a major and devastating financial crisis in the United States and around the world. In this clip, Florida attorney Matthew Weidner explains what’s happening on the ground in Florida. You can find him at or on YouTube at http To hear the entire show, visit

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8 Responses to "Is this America’s final mortgage meltdown? Fla. attorney Matt Weidner explains the mess"

  1. adrianmolm715 says:
    @pretorious700 you said yourself what you are
  2. pretorious700 says:
    @ostinlt12 “destroy the authorities when then come to evict.”

    Don’t be an idiot, that will just get you killed over a house.



  4. ostinlt12 says:
    This post is SUCH a FAIL! This attorney suggests that owners should keep paying into a mortgage that has already been bailed out by the govt. So in effect, when you consider that you also paid taxes to fund the corrupt govt that sponsored the bailouts, you get to pay your mortgage twice. This guy has the total wrong idea. What needs to happen is for EVERYONE to stop paying their mortgages, refuse to leave their homes when evicted, and destroy the authorities when then come to evict.
  5. justbeamensch says:
    Jail time for the shyster bankers and predatory mortgage companies that flaunted the law. Time to hold these bailed out criminals accountable. Bail out the people, not the banks.
  6. AryanKnight says:
    -Yes, enable homebuyers an escrow-account with Court at 50% of the overblown Bank’ster-payments. BoA’s a typical int’al criminal operation of ruthless NWO Rothschild/Rockefeller-mafia that hyjacked usTreasury in 1913, and installed criminal Pvt.-Fed.ReserveSys. & IRS-henchmen serving to extort income from working-public. Stop stealing American-homes of citizens (-or here legally), -and trackdown these Bank’sters, placing their ‘heads on a stick’ for zealous destruction of the American-dream..!!!
  7. socialapocalyps says:
    When our courts realize that the borrowers WANT to make a house payment but cannot connect with the investor because the SERVICER won’t let them because they are making MORE money when they FORECLOSE. If the servicers let the borrowers communicate with the investors, everything would get worked out, but then THEY wouldn’t make money from foreclosing. Servicers DO NOT want to work out loans. They want to FORECLOSE to make money. WAKE UP AMERICA. Thank you Matt Weidner! You ROCK!
  8. robertponte says:
    Matt you say it well except for one thing. You say money was borrowed from someone and should be paid back. The borrowers funded their own loan. Federal Reserve rules do not let banks lend their own money. Read Modern Money Mechanics and watch this video to learn about the fundamental problem. Go to The-Hudson-group net blog and watch the “new credit account” video. I know you stand for what it right and just. Lets take is a step further and fix the broken system.

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