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Is Your Foreclosure Attorney a Con Artist?

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A recent sweep of foreclosure scams across the United States has caused thousands of honest and hardworking Americans to lose their homes.

Just this year, almost two thousand homeowners have paid over $2 million in advanced payements for loan modification services from deceitful companies. Many of these companies instructed their clients not to contact their mortgage companies directly, as it would invalidate their loan modification efforts.
These homeowners were promised services that were never performed.

Most of these Americans were eventually forced from their homes due to foreclosure.

An example of one such documented scam was led by Charles A. McKuhn, owner of the deceptive debt reduction company–Taurian Worldwide Financial, Incorporated. McKuhn and his company claimed to negotiate home mortgages and establish credit. He gloated that his company’s foreclosure attorney could file all paperwork needed to halt the foreclosure process.

Several struggling homeowners drained their savings accounts to cover the upfront fees, in desperate hopes to rescue their homes from foreclosure. Unfortunately though, Taurian Worldwide Financial, Inc. was unable to resolve any debt issues, nor prevent foreclosure. As a matter of fact, McKuhn’s company is not even an authorized mortgage lender or debt consultation agency. Most of the people who gave this con artist their money and trust eventually lost their houses, due to his company’s dishonest and fraudulent activites.

Please don’t let yourself be fooled by greedy people who want to benefit from your loss.


Remember, it is illegal to charge payment in advance for loan modification consultation.

There are still intelligent, trustworthy, and honest entities that assist with loan negotiations, but take the extra steps to ensure that people are who they say they are. Legitimate companys who offer these services know the gravity of your situation and should make every effort to ensure your best interest– don’t settle for anything less.

Why pay anyone for help that that has no intention of ever doing so?

Your home is one of if not your biggest asset. Take the extra steps to inform yourself of all your options, and NEVER pay ANYTHING upfront. Learn more about foreclosure attorney scams.


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