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Issues with Bank of American mortgage refinancing?

Has anyone has issues with BOA refinancing? My husband and I just had a similar thing happen as what happened to this person (first complaint):


  1. Will I get my escrow money back from American Home Mortgage after refinancing? I refinanced 2 weeks before American Home Mortgage declared bankruptcy. They still owe me my escrow money (a new escrow...

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  4. is there any benefit of refinancing mortgage with same bank(B of A)? do i get to save some steps, time, fees, headache? or is it like starting brand new even if i...

  5. American Tax Relief – Tax Debt Legal Help in IRS Tax Issues Free Legal Services to Resolve your IRS tax provided American Tax Relief,Tax Debt Settlement,IRS Tax debt help,IRS Tax...

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  1. dls says:
    I had success with NACA. A non-profit organization that has been instrumental in helping homeowners survive.

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