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Jack Nicholson needs legal help

Team Jackulator soundboard prank call


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25 Responses to "Jack Nicholson needs legal help"

  1. francisffernety says:
  2. tcbalz8605 says:
    @ryancooke78 Driving While Ability Impaired
  3. EMuzach says:
  4. alexmortland says:
    Drunk drivin’!
  5. CaptWildcat14 says:
    Better call Saul, Jack.
  6. SweatLaserXP says:
    “at least seven”
  7. pHAMBURGLARq says:
    am i in good shape? lol
  8. 66ott7 says:
    Jeff Jefferson
  9. TheRhinehart86 says:
    I like how Jack is so jovial about being busted for drink driving
  10. wcomedy says:
    This guy sounds like a dumbass! Oawwkay?? Waaayyyll?
  11. godanselmo says:
    The end made me lol
  12. pr9nkaholic says:
    GAWD Daymn Boy!
  13. ryancooke78 says:
    What is a DWAI?
  14. j00jy says:
  15. ezescousin14213 says:
    7:02 – 8:08 that was done beautifully 8:09 – 8:22 that was just fuck’n hilarious
  16. DERPMAX says:
    “Can I speak frankly?”
    “Fuckin’ CUNT!”
  17. sabithaperera says:
    Place your classify we offer you naughty women
  18. jogeryjogo says:
    “what was the reading on the breathylizer?”



  19. sindynr2 says:
    lol the guy when he says “ok” crack me up everytime….OKAAAAY…
  20. dafuksup says:
    why didnt this so called lawyer give him a rough estimate of the possible jail time he was looking at? i mean isnt that the lawyers job to assess what hes up against?
  21. jonahfox says:
    I love how hes always laughing.
  22. Puglous says:
  23. JesusPerkele666 says:
    Oh, man this is one of the best prank calls I’ve heard. Damn, it’s good!
  24. rockymountainsunrise says:
    @HIGHROLLERJIW i doubt it. this lawyer sounded like an old-fart technophobe who probably doesn’t know what a soundboard is, let alone how to use one. notice he didn’t hang up until the prankster did jack’s joker-hyena laugh…

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