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James Turk GATA 2008

Those looking to whet their appetites ahead of Gold Rush 2011 should watch James’s GATA 2008 presentation, in which James presciently foresaw the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy by predicting another Bear Stearns collapse was only several months away. He also examines why central banks interfere in the gold market, and why gold — in JP Morgan’s immortal words — “is money and nothing else”.


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23 Responses to "James Turk GATA 2008"

  1. yoyuepz says:
    @fertilizerspike and I suppose the Greeks and Romans and the annicent chinese were also delusional? Yet the language which you speak is Greek and Latin based…… I suppose they were delusional, maybe the french and german are? Yet all finished due to breaking the gold standard……. which country such as south east asia want a gold standard currency.
  2. yoyuepz says:
    @fertilizerspike you are the one who is delusional. because you live in usa and are living in a dream world. when you are in a communist state there is only the way of who ever is in charge, you have no freedom or choice. for now in usa you have freedom however it will be taken away. you never lived in a communist state and know nothing about it.  so keep your comments to yourself. but you will be in another 30 years as china will take all of the gold and make use into a poverty state.
  3. fertilizerspike says:
    Yes, anyone who hoards silver or gold is delusional. Nobody has ever lived in a “communist state”, they don’t exist and never have.
  4. yoyuepz says:
    @fertilizerspike I suppose China is delusional to have 97% of REM. Remember REM is used in military equipment which the US uses. Another fact, China is buying so much gold and silver its unreal, are they also delusional? Maybe you need to take a good look at yourself in the mirror and maybe you are the one which is delusional. You have never lived or been in a communist state, however USA is going that way, good luck because you shall need it.
  5. fertilizerspike says:
    I know you’re hoarding metal, as if it’s going to save you. You’re delusional. I’m not attacking you, just telling you like it is.
  6. 500ounces says:
    @fertilizerspike Once again, you are speculating, attacking and assuming to know details about a situation that you know nothing about. Not sure why you have decided to attack, but this is my last communication on this thread.
  7. fertilizerspike says:
    One thing I know for sure you fail to recognize is that any system of money is entirely decoupled from physical reality. If it were not, the people who work the hardest and the longest would have all the money. They don’t. Parasites get all the money. Want more proof? How much does an NFL quarterback make? A rock star? A guy who digs ditches all day with a shovel? This is the fatal flaw of all monetary systems, they fly off into hallucinatory terrain and we’re all supposed to allow it
  8. fertilizerspike says:
    You consistently fail to acknowledge that we all need to care for each other, not every man (or family) for himself. I am confident that whatever it is you’re doing that you think is going to “prepare” you for whatever it is you think is going to happen, it’s not going to be enough, and without the rest of us beside you and behind you, you and your entire family will perish and you will die of shame while it’s happening.
  9. fertilizerspike says:
    I don’t have to know the specifics, all I have to see is you saying “it has no effect on me or my family”. Well you’re wrong. What the people around you are doing definitely DOES have an effect on you, and your family, whether you like it or not. Also, in your own words, “my family is preparing”, for some “storm” you imagine is coming, that you also imagine you will be weathering alone. Again, you’re wrong. We’re all in this together, WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Pitch in or gtfo.
  10. 500ounces says:
    @fertilizerspike Once again, you are speaking as if you know the specifics of what me and my family are doing. I am not sharing with you nor anyone else on the ‘net what specifically we are doing. Your thinking is a big part of the problem. You presume to know things about me and my family that you have no clue about. Notice I speak in specifically vague terms. Giving you an idea of what we are doing but not actually telling you what we are doing. You need to care for yours-we will care for ours
  11. fertilizerspike says:
    What century do you think this is, anyway? If you think what your neighbors do have no effect on you, you’re living in a fantasy world. You can stockpile all the ammunition and food and water you can manage, if your neighbors are desperate and starving, you won’t keep it long, and they’ll probably make you into soup once they’ve finished raiding your larder. Your only hope is if we ALL do well, human culture should not be “every man for himself”, that always fails.
  12. fertilizerspike says:
    What would be prudent for EVERYONE to do is realize this stupid cutthroat game of “get as much as you can in exchange for giving as little as you can” is going to be the death of us all. Your mentality of hoarding and stockpiling is anachronistic and vile in modern society. You depend utterly on the boxes of food coming from the store, you could stock up 10 years worth of food and after 10 years you’d starve just like everyone else.
  13. fertilizerspike says:
    If you think the key to being “prepared” is to hoard useless metals, good luck to YOU, you’re going to need it if society can’t or won’t take care of you for whatever reason. Your mentality is one of the greatest obstacle to world peace and prosperity. Too many people think they have to hunker down and fend for themselves. When disaster hits the communities that fare best are the ones that cooperate, not where everyone has their own litlte disaster bunker. What century is this?
  14. 500ounces says:
    @fertilizerspike It doesn’t work on me and no longer have any belief in our currency. Today I use dollars to secure my household, pay bills and conduct day-to-day transactions. My family is preparing, on many levels, for the coming storm. The “storm” may be an actual storm–tornado, earthquake or whatever–and it may be financial. We are doing what we believe to be prudent for ourselves and hope that you are doing the same. If you are not, it has no effect on me or my family. Good luck to you.
  15. fertilizerspike says:
    I find it ironic and sad that so many deranged idiots spout and bleat about gold vs. paper money or silver vs. paper money or gold vs. oil or silver vs. oil or whatever when they measure the “value” of all of these things in paper dollars. It’s pathetic and sad, the kind of massive myopia and denial you see in heroin addicts and needle junkie prostitutes.
  16. fertilizerspike says:
    You can do whatever you like to try to game the monetary system, hoarding gold and silver is just as stupid as hoarding paper money. All trade for differential advantage is vile and wasteful. The monetary system itself is the most onerous burden humanity has ever endured, it produces nothing but waste and strife. It’s all voodoo, it only works on you if you believe in it.
  17. ytgv3fc7 says:
    @MrTrentCharles rather than “neglects” I think it proves the play of this cycle is impossible without paper risk leveraging. Without debt, margin, risk leveraging this cycle of gold vs oil or silver vs oil is so small that it’s only worthwhile on a massive scale, not a personal-holdings scale. Pretty sure James Turk knows gold better than Mike Maloney.
  18. mikegavone says:
    If you look at the chart of the XAU/Gold price comparison chart at the 23:56 point in the video, and plot today’s point (XAU 220.36 / Gold OZ $1599.5) you get .1377 which puts us deeply in the undervalued area for mining stocks. Thanks for the great education Mr. Turk, GATA, & Gold Money News!
  19. MrTrentCharles says:
    Good point, but it neglects Mike Maloney’s idea of overvaluation and undervaluation. Just like you can play the gold/silver ratio, you can play the gold/oil ratio.
  20. zalida100 says:
    Very nice presentation. Thanks very much. Very enjoyable.
  21. ezra106 says:
    wow that was the exact bottom of the DXY…right after that the dollar rallied 20%
  22. 500ounces says:
    Thank you very much, Mr Turk, for a great education in money and currency. My hope is the dollar is no longer debased, however, after the charade today between President Obama and Mr Boehner, it is obvious the only “Hope we can believe in” is holding physical gold and physical silver. Once again, thank you for sharing such a great monologue regarding our current state of money and currency.
  23. vrossino46 says:
    Great speach.

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