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January 21

Sheila Bair gets nailed with her own dissembling


  1. Are we slowly learning the REAL reason the banks got bailed out?? (FDIC insolvency)? FDIC is going to BORROW money in order to insure accounts. Well if the people that INSURE THE BANK ACCOUNTS...

  2. Where can I find a personal debt consolidation loan for people with bad credit? I am in dire need of a debt consolidation loan and I have bad credit. I can make things work...

  3. Insolvent I directed this little film. It was written by Libby Richardson, an aspiring screenwriter in Australia. I read the...

  4. How can I ran a business with distant financial partners? I am exerienced in Stationery business in Bangladesh. But due to my insolvency I can not start a business. So...

  5. Could you show me a fruitful way? I know paper & stationery business well. But due to my insolvency I can’t start business. I have some merchant...

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25 Responses to "January 21"

  1. peteykkk says:
    sheila may have a penis, she is too ugly to be a woman!
  2. Apologeomasis says:
    Take the fucking wig off homie.
  3. 7boon says:
    But if we enter a Great Depression like deflationary spiral, it’s tough sh!t to anyone in debt.
  4. thirstybullet says:
    im sick of these lyin filthy thievin leaches !!!!!!!!
  5. olseabee says:

    It’s the merchants,, they set up the colonies,, they came back and set up the fed banks and corporations

    We need sovereignty of,
    our money,, our govt,, our production,, our markets,, our land ownership,, our labor,,, OUR AMERICA

    No! to globalization

  6. rcmtgs says:
    Karl…we miss you! I know everyone’s busy CYA’ing but there’s too much funny or criminal activity for you to blast, take poor Dirty Harry & the idiot oversight questions to the ceo’s…if you really really listened though to Harry, there was prob too much truth for the american public to take, BUT only you can do it justice, please Karl set them STRAIGHT…TO JAIL.
    Love your work, a recovering mtgbkr, oh…that was an honest upfront bkr that showed everyone my rate sheets & told the truth!
  7. davincij15 says:
    If there 5 Trillion dollars in paper currency in 2000 and 15 trillion today. Are you saying that has no affect on the gold price?

    No, perception is only on aspect of gold price right now when gold goes way over 1200 (real value against paper based on REAL inflation) it’s not over priced.

    Eventually Gold will be over priced like houses where, but its not today.

    The stimulus is at 2.5 trillion, I think it should be 3 trillion they can print as much as they like.

    Got Gold or silver?

  8. wildclaw2 says:
    And houses were at what price level before its market crashed?

    Gold is a speculation device as its main value isn’t in any inherent usefulness, but in the ability to trade it with others. In fact, you shouldn’t treat gold as a metal, but as a currency.

    Gold goes up in times when other currencies are seen as unstable or risky. But you still have to keep in mind that the more the price of gold goes up, the more it can fall later on when other currencies begin to look more stable again.

  9. davincij15 says:
    Don’t mind me Karl I’m just having some fun…

    So, gold is not the answer eh? It’s only $945 from $750 when you said that. Also banks think like you do when they own 45% of all naked short contracts on gold. (that means they don’t have the gold)

    But hey that’s not manipulative the SEC and CFTC has the peoples back.

    * cough * Madoff

    I am confident that the government will print up as much money is need to get the banks solvent again aren’t you?

    Got physical Gold?

  10. TheAtomicWookie says:
    As always…..YOU ROCK!!!!!
  11. monymizer says:
    Please make some more videos.
  12. soubari says:
    Watch UK MP SIR Gerald Kaufman exposes Israel’s crimes (google qMGuYjt6CP8)

    Watch US Professor Norman Finkelstein exposes Israel’s crimes (Google bm5OvSeiAHc)

    Israel admits: “No Hamas rockets were fired during ceasefire” (Google zfFMZ7Y-s_c)

    Please distribute and complain to your Senator and/or Representative about Israel’s killing Americans, heinous crimes, stealing our taxes, and its spying on USA. Peace!

  13. Trapster99 says:
    Fantastic! You are one of the few who have to courage to speak the Truth.

    Of course, under the Patriot Act, you can now be labled as an ‘Enemy Combatant’. Yes I’ma actually being serious.

    5 years ago I would have call all this stuff ‘conspriacy nonsense’. Today, I call it reality.

  14. mitchee009 says:
    Hi Karl,

    Good video. Truth to the highest level my friend. hey somebody has to call a spade a spade. It just seems that so many people are in Denial and truly weakhearted to expose what is really going on… How selfish are these Elites? Shameful and Disgusting people.

    Anyway, I wish you well and hope to hear another vid from you soon.



  15. Dualayer999 says:
    still seeing poor gold at 200(lol) ?
  16. blueshadow1996 says:
    Looks lihe the USA is in the same shape Iraq was after fighting Iran,a maasive debt..There was something wrong with the global economy,but Govts refused to acknowledge this..The price of oil may have had something to do with it,.The global enviornment had caused famine and yes wars…Now its time to pay..War binds anyone? terror bonds?
  17. bassthunder says:
    Karl, your work is great! Thanks!
  18. Paperdebtpyramid says:

    You know what the upside down pyramid means in the masonic star of david?

    That is the hole that is left after all the interest bearing debt is paid off;)

    And it is unfinished because the debt always becomes too great to bear before completion;)

  19. wrinkles1931 says:
    Hey Karl..the T-bill sell off seems to be starting..can you elaborate on the possible consequences of this…I know you have covered it in your Ticker..but I don’t remember what you said..exactly
  20. 8cat18 says:
    Karl, i have a question, do you think it’s possible that Madoff may have damaging information regarding the SEC’s knowledge of his evil activity and could therefore be afraid of what Madoff may start yapping about? I find it peculiar timing of when his sons turned him in, right as Bush was leaving and right before Obama takes over. One has to wonder who all knew what was going on and how long did they know?
  21. kdenninger says:
    We are in charge.

    We (collectively) are actively refusing to discharge our responsibility.

    So long as a six pack and American Idol (or The Superbowl) is more important, this will not change.

  22. housechores says:
    4 mths ago is right. I am waiting on the 4th quarter official bank delinquecy rate published by the fed reserve banks. The future of the markets are riding on it.
  23. Gilgamesh73 says:
    The People employ the Congress and we make the decisions, not them.  That is where everything has failed here. This is the origin and cause of the mess. If We the People were actually in charge as we are supposed to be none of this would be happening. The bailouts are HURTING the USA, and prolonging the coming Depression. Ron Paul has told us everything we need to know. Once your family begins to starve, it will be too late to take any action. We need to change Titanic’s course NOW!!
  24. KamikazeKoscki says:
    they bailed out AIG. At the time, I thought: “That’s strange.
    What does an insurance company have to do with this crisis?”
    I think I just found the answer. Among other things, AIG INSURES THE PENSION TRUST OF THE UNITED STATES CONGRESS!!
  25. KamikazeKoscki says:
    The Pyramid has of old been a fascination of Freemasons. It is a pagan temple of Satan worship. Aleister Crowley, Freemason and chief Satanist of the 20th Century performed a satanic ritual in the Kings Chamber. The Masonic founded and controlled cults of the Jehovah’s Witnesses and Mormons have also adored the Great Pyramid. The pyramid the dollar bill.

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