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“Northern Lights” appeared 30 minutes before quake in Sichuan China. Research project HAARP in alaska. HAARP dot NET Top Secret ionsphere project to control weather ETC. Nikoli Tesla experimented with this and he also claimed he could cause earthquakes anywhere he wanted. Research it. more tags seismic volcano tornado hurrican typhoon myramar iraq war saddam osama bin ladin hilary clinton barrack obama john mccain RON PAUL secret society mason zeitgeist movie skull and bones fags tramp ied wmd bogus war war on terror patriot act blow me raiders 4 movie saudi jiihad muslim extremist dea plane in venezuela spying global economy chinas strong currency trade ship plane cloud rainbow color warrior nicoli tessla sun moon star gravity e=mc2 jew hollywood media malibu britany spear chucker norris ted kennedy faint spell


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25 Responses to "JAPAN QUAKE by PROJECT HAARP? 8.9 9.0 CHINA QUAKE 7.8"

  1. 1123359 says:
    Its haarp,the rainbow stuff is plasma
  2. happinesson says:
    it looks like a smudge of rainbow in the sky.
  3. princeadeshoga says:
    For the absolute undisputed proof of the NWO Illuminati HAARP man-made Comet Elenin please see my latest youtube video titled, Comet Elenin Alignment Corrections And New In-Formation. It’s crazy.
  4. lee8264 says:
    @LazyJones1 Frequencies from 20kHz to 7,200 kHz or 0.02 mHz to 7.2mHz can be used but preferably 0.02mHZ to 1.8mHz this will achieve plasma production.As electron cyclotron resonance is established in plasma energy is transferred from electromagnetic radiation into plasma to heat and accelerate electrons as well as ions and neutral particles.Then neutral particles are ionized and absorbed into plasma and this increases the electron and ion densities of plasma and raises the value electron volt,
  5. lee8264 says:
    @LazyJones1 Recommended reading “A New Mechanism for Accelerating Electrons in the Outer Ionosphere”by R.A Helliwell and T.F Bell,Journal of Geophysical Research,Vol.65,No.6,June,1960.Hopes this will be helpful but something tells you have only one point of view and changing your mind might hurt your career
  6. lee8264 says:
    @LazyJones1 The Department of Energy and the Department of Defense you obviously have been led to believe otherwise.Why did they stop the tests after 5 high altitude shots by the Soviet union and the Americans and ban these tests forever.Also the D.O.D numbers for the radiation from just the USA atmospheric testing series was 50 million times the amount released from Chernobyl.As for radiation being long gone some of the isotopes created from fission last for millions of years.Is this a joke?
  7. LazyJones1 says:
    I don’t know where you get your information, but the effects of the nuclear detonations are long gone.

    The energy that is in the ionosphere comes from the sun, and the magnetic field arises from the core of the earth. There is no need for humans to add to these energy sources, nor do we have anything capable of comparing to them, even fractionally so.

    Finally, space scientists never made such statements, as the effects of the blasts actually added charged particles – not subtracted.

  8. bushtyranny says:
    An Air Force MP was arrested in Alaska for spying and Treason.
    I wonder if he was gonna blow the Lid off Project HAARP and what illegal things it was used for?
    Some think it was used to cause quake in Japan to cover up the fact that the Stuxnet Virus was already melting down Japan’s Nuke Plants. and look at the big radiation cloud the USA got from their Buddies in Israel?
  9. lee8264 says:
    @LazyJones1 Do you know why they’re charging the ionosphere and magnetosphere.The magnetosphere needs energy to maintain itself when they detonated nukes in space scientists warned this could lead to a collaspe of it but the wise DOD thought otherwise and went ahead.They admit to 10% decline in the magnetosphere they always lowball I’m saying 20% so i will meet in the middle at 15% that much in 50 years is a disaster in a 100 years if they dont fix it mass extinction of humans by gamma radiation
  10. lee8264 says:
    Haarp does not cause earthquakes it finds weakness in the faults and then a drill is deployed and a few 20 KT nukes put down the hole and woolah earthquakes.Please somebody prove me wrong i have all the proof to back up all these claims and i want ot be wrong so do me a favor prove me wrong
  11. LazyJones1 says:
    The ionosphere is incredibly thin, and the charged particles make up only a fraction of it.
    The effect of HAARP is incredibly faint. It takes special sensitive equipment at the facility to even register the change.

    Decades of ionospheric research using various ionospheric heaters have shown consistently, that the effect is utterly negligible. Like dipping an immersion heater into the Yukon.
    A small local heating, that disappears seconds to minutes after, with zero permanent effect.

  12. LazyJones1 says:
    No, I did not watch the video you attempted to link, as the link is bad.

    But I can gather that it was a video of a cloud? If so, then that has nothing to do with HAARP. Water molecules are not affected by radio signals with a frequency in the 2.8 – 10 MHz range.
    Only the charged particles in the D layer of the ionosphere is.

  13. sanchazer says:
    @LazyJones1 did you even watch that video? obviously the cloud disappeared with the same frequency waves that HARRP uses.. what do you think would happen on a much larger scale? and these waves have to pass through almost all layers of the atmosphere in order to get to the ionosphere.. the particles in the ionosphere are pushed out to space when they are charged, thus pulling other layers up with it, including the troposphere. and i’m sorry, it is in the high frequency range of radio waves. so?
  14. LazyJones1 says:
    “you obviously haven’t done a sufficient amount of research if you are unaware that shooting 3.6 million watts of low frequency waves”

    2.8MHz – 10MHz does not lie in the low frequency range. It’s in the high frequency range. Hence the H in HAARP: “High frequency Active Auroral Research Program”.

    “pulling the jet stream with it”
    The jet stream is in the troposphere, not the ionosphere.

    “creating a hole.”
    No hole is created.
    The charged particles in the area is heated. That’s it.

  15. LazyJones1 says:
    That is incorrect. The correct power level is 3600kW, and this is accomplished with their 180 antennas.
  16. sanchazer says:
    @LazyJones1 you obviously haven’t done a sufficient amount of research if you are unaware that shooting 3.6 million watts of low frequency waves into a 12 mile diameter heats up particles in the ionosphere, thus pulling the jet stream with it creating a hole. Hundreds if not thousands of government experiments are done without regard to human beings or the earth all the time. You think they care? Here’s a scaled down model of what actually happens youtube(dot)com/watch?NR=1&v=xo-T_KvLNdQ
  17. karakulak11 says:
    u.s.a and jews are satans.
  18. TheJustin574 says:
    @TheBlockBreaker HAARP uses one billion watts, and has 360 radio transmitters in Alaska, and yes, I said billion!
  19. ootube7 says:
    I took photos of the same color in the clouds driving last summer in san joaquin valley near fresno. The color spectrum stayed visible for 50 miles. Strange…
  20. LazyJones1 says:
    “they don’t even know or realize what they are doing is harming our protective layer from the sun.”
    They know that it is not.
    Every experiment from every ionospheric heater says the same thing. The effect is entirely negligible, and lasts from mere seconds to a couple of minutes.

    “heating up particles so that they scatter and create a hole in the ionosphere isn’t good.”
    Of course not.
    But that is also NOT what happens at all.
    I don’t even know where you got that idea from.

  21. LazyJones1 says:
    Radio waves are one form of electromagnetic radiation. As is visible light, ultraviolet radiation, microwaves and more:
    wikipedia . org/wiki/Electromagnetic_spectrum

    There has never been constant earthquakes anywhere. The longest lasting quake was 10 minutes. ELF radiation is NOT the cause of earthquakes. Tectonic plate movements are.

    The composition and properties of the D layer IS known. We know for a fact that radio signals of a certain frequency is absorbed, including HAARP’s.

  22. sanchazer says:
    @LazyJones1 i didn’t know radio waves were the same as electromagnetic radiation.. i think you’re wrong there.. and fyi there are constant earthquakes all over the world all the time.. (hisz*dot*rsoe*dot*hu/alertmap/index2*dot*php?lang) how do you know where the radio waves go once they hit the ionosphere? they don’t even know or realize what they are doing is harming our protective layer from the sun. heating up particles so that they scatter and create a hole in the ionosphere isn’t good.
  23. LazyJones1 says:

    “what little energy that is needed to trigger the plates to move”
    More than the natural background radiation, or there would be constant earthquakes due to said background radiation. The ELF waves that HAARP can generate in the electroject propagate in all directions, and are literally millions of times weaker than said background radiation.

    “comparing the suns rays to the radio waves sent by HAARP”
    They are both electromagnetic radiation. They are both absorbed in the ionosphere.

  24. LazyJones1 says:
    “they use the exact frequency waves that are used by radio towers, AKA low frequency waves”
    That is incorrect.
    The HAARP signal frequency range is 2.8MHz – 10MHz.
    That’s well within the HIGH frequency range, thus the H in “HAARP”

    “when these waves return to earth”
    They don’t.
    The whole purpose of the project is that they are absorbed in the D layer of the ionosphere.

  25. sanchazer says:
    @LazyJones1 they use the exact frequency waves that are used by radio towers, AKA low frequency waves, just thousands of them at the same time.. But either way, when these waves return to earth you have no way of measuring the potential energy stored in the plates or what little energy that is needed to trigger the plates to move.. and you tried comparing the suns rays to the radio waves sent by HAARP, that’s a null comparison, that was my point.. duh

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