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JESSE VENTURA – HAARP – Ep 1 Pt 1/4 (Conspiracy Theory)

^^^SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE^^^ Conspiracy Theory – HAARP – Jesse Ventura and a team of expert investigators are on a mission to examine some of the most frightening and mysterious conspiracy allegations of our time in this new show. They examine available evidence as well as talking to experts and eyewitnesses to learn more about such topics as global warming, possible 9/11 cover-ups, secret government weapons and apocalyptic prophecies. “This is my personal journey,” Ventura says, “to prove that there is more to these stories than you know about.”


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25 Responses to "JESSE VENTURA – HAARP – Ep 1 Pt 1/4 (Conspiracy Theory)"

  1. ownagemunky says:
    @RandyBful1 Nahhhh everyone wants to believe in conspiracy theories. It’s fun! :D . It’s like being in a movie lol
  2. fhab525 says:
    earthquakes have been going on forever man ,HAARP wasn’t always around . while its good to have an open mind and research things , this just sound stupid. plus why would the media who Jesse says is so evil and lie to people give him a fuckin TV show to broadcast his “disbelief” in the system , this type of shit drives people further from the truth , and for all we know Jesse could be just pushing these beliefs for money , like any other business.
  3. ForgottenSon916 says:
    another thing is Jesse Ventura cannot be blamed for being just another nut case “conspiracy theorist” because he is only investigating conspiracies that were already existing. It’s not like he is just making things up and speaking on them, he actually does research like any other “conspiracy theorist”. As for the people that are unsure whether or not to believe people like William Cooper, Alex Jones, Jesse Ventura etc, don’t seek youtube for guidance my friends, seek the Lord for he knows all.
  4. ChivasBarcelonaMex says:
    I taught it was 3.6 million watts @ 3:59 …..1 billion watts @ 8:18 …By this u can see how unsure and delusional they are.
  5. ChivasBarcelonaMex says:
    This dude does the same thing the government does they fuck with your mind.
  6. blueguitarblue says:
    @Frankieejay58 Agreed. Exactly what I thought. It’s all smoke and mirrors. Like Alex Jones.
  7. Frankieejay58 says:
    One thing that bothers me is with all this conspiracy stuff, the government controls most of it and decides what jesse can and cannot say….he might just be a govt puppet and all these conspiracy theories are just to distract us from the real problems and decit going on in the background….
  8. starboy4 says:
    This is the cause of the earthquakes and tsunami and Japan
  9. berner says:
    @mikewtp Don’t worry, you won’t be able to get through to guys like that because all he’ll do is take a bunch of desperate facts to put together a picture of what he wants you to believe just to support his “durr zionists are a race of people blah blah blah!”
  10. TheTomLapp says:



  11. TheTomLapp says:


  12. michaelatkinsonhere says:
    everyone there sending a bomb into the core of earth oh my god to blow up the planet oh my god
  13. meatspining says:
    got no time to bleed
  14. ahamatmabrahman says:
    How many times do they have to test this thing? People know when they’ve been HAARP’d there is also no pulse wave in an attack ,victims describe a powerful upward explosion, also how many more nuclear tests do they have to do? SEE VIDEO we,ve nuked ourselves already
  15. mikewtp says:
    @themios72 Zionism and Zionists are not a race you ignorant fuck.
  16. FreqBand says:
    oh, my god…I never realized….lol
  17. ohdofuckoff says:
    Is that June Sarpong?
  18. rftgf08 says:
    @themios72 “unbelievable the zionist indeed are the haters of mankind, the only race that wants to destroy the earth.”

    Zionism isn’t a race, dipshit. It’s an ideology.

  19. brianbirc says:
    check out 9/11 Coincidences (1/19) the first ones are ok but around 6 or 7 they get mind blowing here on you tube
  20. grassmonkeybutt says:
    its been hot all week in san diego then next thing u know passing rain clouds pass by with thunder and shit and this is not ur ordinary rain cloud looks like a line of fog just stretching all the way down south. O.o
  21. sean57 says:
    this is what their (the Military) doing with technology, to minipulate the whole weather systems for destructive purposes. Nothing for the betterment of mankind, but for power!
    You know man has gone totally insane. We are the end times.
  22. lojhk010 says:
    sick shit . the american goverment is so facking sick! KILLUMINATI!
  23. es0wave says:
    only 34k views? people who don’t know how this world really works watch lady gaga and eastenders.
  24. rolficus says:
    they dont use a ground unit to do this its all done up in space via satelite a big one that harnesses solar power what it does is devestating it can use micro waves to pretty much boil the ground and create earth quakes or heat the ocean on a large scale to create bad weather
  25. themios72 says:
    @jacobyte100 that ideologie faulse theory of the devil that comes from the desert the middle east will end up destroying the world. when you have super systems in the world playing of good and evil between humans you will have destruction. look at the ancient greeks never believed in that, they invented everything good for humanity.

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