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Jim Rogers, “Gold is Overdue for a Correction”

Watch the full episode @ With interest rates near zero that means it’s hard to make money. Meanwhile, MF Global’s missing $1.2 billion dollars in customer shows maybe the money in your trading account could be lost to bankruptcy or theft. So where is it safe? Asia? Gold? And what’s happening to the euro? We asked famed investor and author Jim Rogers. (Hint: he thinks gold is due for a correction, he’s getting out of the euro somewhat, and still confident in China.)


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25 Responses to "Jim Rogers, “Gold is Overdue for a Correction”"

  1. smokydave says:
    @elucidative All, and I do mean ALL of the rothschild conspiracy theories were constructed as part of the Nazi propaganda machine. It was part of the story they promoted that the Jews were responsible for all strife and upset in the world. Back to atlantis? I see i’m dealing with a moron.. good luck with your tin foil hat.
  2. taledarkside says:
    I’m just educating pot heads
  3. trick29420 says:
    @taledarkside OK. Revised, “Invest all of your money into marijuana. That shit’s like $300 an ounce and grows on PLANTS.”

    Fucking moron. What are you some kind of internet botany police? Get a job.

  4. knowthyfaith says:
    The proof is in the pudding. Sorry children but gold is not going down in price.
    Which currency will survive an economic collapse? And we know the warmongers will create one.
  5. taledarkside says:
    that is up to you. I told you to read a book. but you rather watch corporate media instead. wow are you conspiracy theorists idiots.
  6. joe80dman says:
    @taledarkside : And Shills like you shouldn’t make fools of themselves by making outlandish statements. Anyone who thinks that only corporate controlled news outlets, or sometimes called America’s propaganda ministry are credible sources needs serious psychiatric help.
  7. joe80dman says:
    @taledarkside : Yeah. We should be watching our controlled corporate news propaganda outlets instead.
  8. elucidative says:
    @smokydave My rothschild conspiracy theories are documented facts and go well beyond WW2 back to 1776 and connecting way back to Atlantis. While other bankers have money as well they are still in the Rothschild Octopus since they are agents for Rothschild family and with intermarraige they don’t have the last name of Rothschild. Roll back into bed because it gets more tangled and you need to be wide awake to understand.
  9. taledarkside says:

    stop watching propaganda bullshit from RT and read books. weed doesn’t grow on trees.

  10. gavinjengel says:
    Lauren Lyster and Demetri Kofinas are a perfect team.
  11. Bass20HZobsession says:
    @ultreality people can go against their positions
    for example i believe all fiat currency will go to zero but i still hold dollars, for daily use thou, and a bit investment in short term
  12. FALsecuritysystem762 says:
    Hey if I have some pamp sussie bars that are 10 grams each where is a good place to sell on the high. I might need some more prepping gear.
  13. trick29420 says:
    @taledarkside So what does it grow on?
  14. ultreality says:
    @sheepOG Well I agree with you, but this applies to the vast majority of comments which are based on hope or beliefs rather than fact.

    I respect Jim Rogers as a speculator, but no successful speculator would make comments that go against his own trading positions, especially on mass media such as RT. To give him his due, he did not overtly support his positions either.

    When it comes to Gold I am not an “armchair expert”. I have researched and traded Gold for decades based on the fundamentals.

  15. sheepOG says:
    @ultreality Oh, I’m not saying Jim Rogers can’t be wrong, I’m just saying that a lot of the criticism he seems to get in these comments is simply not based on facts.
  16. ultreality says:
    @sheepOG There is nothing wrong with criticism if it is constructive and based on fact.

    The difference between a speculator like Jim Rogers and and an investor is that speculators are basically gamblers trading volatility, and investors are more long term based upon real research and knowledge of the markets in which they trade.

    Increasing M2 must increase the price of Gold – it is a financial certainty.

    The Eurozone must collapse soon. It will be probably not last 10 weeks, not a decade.

  17. taledarkside says:
    I never once fucked your mother, boy.
  18. hotpugsinthecity says:
    @taledarkside Trees is slang you dumb pigfucker
  19. ZoneTelevision says:
    Happy Thanksgiving Lauren
  20. taledarkside says:
    lay off the pot, because weed doesn’t grow on trees
  21. taledarkside says:
    Gold would sky rocket up. dumb people like you need to stop watching RT. or atleast make a conspircy that had an actual fact
  22. joe80dman says:
    Since the NATO nations confiscated Gaddafi’s 144 tons of gold after they ransacked Libya the price has obviously gone down.
  23. fuckoff187 says:
    rogers admits hes bad at short term calls, gold just had a 15% correction. gold should be well over $2000 an ounce today and it isnt.
  24. kexler11 says:
    Gold never worked? What are you talking about, gold has and will always work. Don’t believe me, go look in the history books civilizations for centuries used gold.
  25. ultreality says:
    @elucidative Yes – it is ironic that it is N.M Rothschild in London, that officially provide the morning and afternoon “Gold price fix”. It is definitely a “fix” alright.

    That said, the Rothschild’s are fiercely loyal to their roots which started out trading Gold, so my guess is that since they have to convert the Trillions to something, they have been converting it to the only store of value for the last 5000 years – Gold – to use in the next stage in the globalist plan when currencies crash.

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