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John Stossel – Candidate Gary Johnson

Former New Mexico governor Gary Johnson joins John to discuss his presidential platform.

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22 Responses to "John Stossel – Candidate Gary Johnson"

  1. mixmastermeeks says:
    Gary Johnson rocks.! I wish this guy wasn’t fucked over by the GOP establishment.
  2. XCritonX says:
    @hitballfootler It would be just like any other class action lawsuit.
    1) Find a law-firm.
    2) They would find other people willing to join the law suit.
    3) Reasonable proof that the pollution was originating from the defendant would have to be obtained.
    4) The suit would go to court and if the plaintiff prevails you would get a restraining order to prevent the polluting actions, or cash compensation, depending on what you asked for, and what the jury/judge thinks is just.
  3. housecry says:
    “people appreciate good stewardship of tax dollars” i want that on a bumper sticker. 
  4. hitballfootler says:
    @XCritonX Let’s just say hypothetically that our air started to look like it does in China. Would we get to sue the corporations who are responsible? If so I think that would be a great way to ensure that we have clean air.
  5. XCritonX says:
    @hitballfootler Who is responsible for keeping your cloths clean? You! Same with the air you breath. Freedom is about personal responsibility, not finding some government agency that we can abdicate our freedom to in exchange for the hollow promise that they will take care of us.
    Is some one throwing mud on your nice new cloths? Sue them. Are they polluting your clean air? Sue them. Dont have money? Join a class action lawsuit.
    BTW: The legal system also need an overhaul.
  6. hitballfootler says:
    @XCritonX So who would be in charge of making sure that the air we breathe is clean?
  7. XCritonX says:
    @hitballfootler The air is an unclaimed natural resource. You can harvest as much as you want (just breath). You own the air in your lungs, or in your house, or on your property.
    Its just like water.
  8. hitballfootler says:
    @XCritonX That makes sense but who would own the air?
  9. iluvpoliticzz says:
    I AM a school of choice student. I went from the worst school in michigan, to the best school in michigan. COMPETITION IS THE DIFFERENCE!!!!
  10. mpillai says:
    I agree with Gary’s views, but Ron Paul has already made more inroads with the same message & more. It would be nice not to split up those libertarian, moderate and independent votes and just endorse Dr. Paul. Nothing against you Gary, everything you say is well and good, but we need someone other than Obummer or Slick Rick to win and Dr. Paul has more chances than you.
  11. fzqlcs says:
    @22KingRat I dunno. I love Gary Johnson, but I am afraid a split vote spells more Obummer. I think ANYBODY beats him up in one against one.
  12. 22KingRat says:
    Gary Johnson is ‘seriously’ being recruited to run for U.S. President as the Nominee of the Libertarian Party! 

    If you want him to, then go to the Facebook Wall below to show your support!

    Recruit Gary Johnson – LP Presidential Nominee

  13. PissedFechtmeister says:
    Ron Paul has a lot of supporters but also carries a lot of baggage. Many people thinks he’s nuts (wrongly, IMO). Paul is in a position that he has to overcome that. Johnson, however, is a relative unknown and so starts with a cleaner slate. He needs to come up with a better response than “50 laboratories of innovation” because it sounds too much like “I don’t have a solution so I’ll push it off on the states”.
  14. JackyB92 says:
    @jrspolitical Having two libertarians in the debates is good, if Paul does get the nomination I’m pretty sure Johnson would be his running mate.

    Although if I must be honest I’d rather President Johnson than President Paul.

  15. ViewpointLibertarian says:
    Yes. It is good that Gary Johnson is running. He provides an interesting alternative to the Establishment candidates of both parties. Maybe I should make a video about him.
  16. Charlesperalo says:
    Oh come on I was the question right after.
  17. BRYAN351 says:
    @Wormtail81 “waving a magic wand” means it would be hard to do something, given all the socialist scum in congress that would fight him every step of the way.
  18. BRYAN351 says:
    I guarantee you that Ron Paul will get more than 8% this time around. But, I think the dream ticket would be


  19. Wormtail81 says:
    “Waving a magic wand?” Not sure if I follow you, Garry. Slashing spending sounds good, though.
  20. Wormtail81 says:
    @jrspolitical What do you mean?
  21. FragglesOfRock says:

    No but there is a part of the constitution about cruel and unusual punishment.

  22. fzqlcs says:
    @FragglesOfRock Shit, no one is going to want to go to prison now!

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