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John Stossel – Candidate Ron Paul

Candidate Ron Paul is John’s guest to discuss foreign policy, immigration, the United Nations and corporate bailouts.

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23 Responses to "John Stossel – Candidate Ron Paul"

  1. jeffr0xicity says:
    I could agree with Lt Col Shaffer, but I really believe that we would not have to spend so much time defending our foreign assets if we would open trade with more nations. If they were benefiting from the trade, it is less likely that they would risk losing that trade over attacking our foreign assets.
  2. asphyxiafeeling says:

    my bad, thought you were talking about John Stossel! The military guy in this video is definitely annoying!

  3. giddymoon says:
    The tool they have with Paul spews nothing but what media & the military has fed him, barf!
  4. italianstallion30 says:
    5:52 …. what an insane thing to say.
  5. stevemcgee99 says:
    “sacrafice some (people) for the greater good” – he’s a communist.
  6. raisin454 says:
    RON PAUL 2012!!
  7. spankmybishop1 says:
    great debate RP2012!
  8. larryroc73 says:
    I’m a Ron Paul guy all the WAY he is what we should all be about AMEN too Ron Paul
  9. Dday9876 says:
    For President Paul’s Running Mate, I Like John Stossel, Jesse Ventura, Peter Schiff, Rand Paul, Gary Johnson.
  10. WestSkier11 says:
    This man is brilliant.
  11. MrTitiez says:
    Ron Paul 2012! I wish Stossel would talk about Ron more, they have a lot of similarities.
  12. vechorik says:
    Immigration by the numbers — off the chart (demonstrated with gumballs)
  13. wowzinger says:
    @bleckmon YES
  14. johnnycmajor says:
    ets start our battle and impeach this puppet O B O M B M A , leave the White House O B O M B M A, just GTFO don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out. Vote Ron Paul, then hang most of the Federal reserve crooks. Put the IRS puppets in jail that are aware of what they are doing. Above all start with Obama he creeps me out. Just shut up O B O M B M A you make me sick to my stomach, just shut up.
  15. senseijosesuave says:
    Register Republican to vote for Ron Paul in the 2012 primary. Restore America Now!
  16. grands1am says:
    “Center for Advanced Defense Studies”?? More like Center for Figuring Out How to Call Blowing Up Half the World ‘Defense’
  17. thenewmike2012 says:
    I had respect for Dr. Paul. He is a Gentleman and presents himself with class & dignity. I lost that respect for Dr. Paul when I learned he, as an intern, watched a baby be cut from his/her mothers’ belly, thrown in a bucket on the floor, and put in a corner to die while they all watched. What prevented him from taking that LIVE, CRYING baby out of that trash can and walking a few steps over to the Intensive Care Unit and saving it? He’s lost my respect
  18. PazGuerro says:
    John Stossel AND Ron Paul?  Add one Clint Eastwood and the world would have exploded in a shower of badassery.
  19. doogleandalix says:
    @amanuscar Just a reminder – if you live in a closed /semi closed primary state you have to register REPUB in order to vote Ron Paul in the critical primary election. That is what secures the nominatio so that’s where our votes count . A lot of people don’t realize that about the closed sates – those states are;AZ,CO,DE,CT,FL,MA,MD,PA,NY­,SD,WV,UT,OR,NE,CA,LA,KY maybe a few more . Do not be disappointed at the polls if you are a DEM and can’t vote as I was the 1st time it happened to me
  20. ROlshansky1 says:
    What a truly dreadful studio audience.
  21. bleckmon says:
    The special interest are not americans interest just specific companies and people within the united states
  22. bleckmon says:
    Let the companies protect their products not the government.
  23. darris321 says:
    lieutenant: we need to protect our way of life even if it means killing untold thousands of innocent people and putting thousands of our own soldiers in danger.
    ron paul: are you being serious right now?

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