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Jurisdictionary Legal Self Help – Pro Se Win In Court

This amazing program gives you everything you need to win in court whether you have an attorney or are representing yourself. Forms for Civil Cases – Simplified Forms for Pleadings, Motions, & Discovery How To Win – Advanced Lawsuit Procedure & Case-Winning Pro Se Tactics Evidence Made Easy – The Rules of Evidence Simplified Motions & Hearings – How to Move the Court to Get What You Want Causes of Action – Essential Keys to Winning in Court (Now Includes Injunctions) Courtroom Objections – How to Preserve a Winning Record for Appeal Affirmative Defenses – How Defendants Defend Aggressively! The Language of Law – Understanding “Legalese” and Legal Philosophy How to Be Heard – A Simplified Overview of Lawsuit Procedure Common Law Maxims – Self-Evident Power to Control Judges & Lawyers Complete Lawsuit Flowchart – Lawsuit Procedure At-a-Glance Hiring an Attorney – How to Find and Contract with an “Honest Lawyer” Summary Judgment – Winning Your Lawsuit with a Single Motion Natural Law – Fundamental Legal Philosophy Explained Easy Guide to the Rules – A Handy Reference to the Rules of Court


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