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Lagitimate student loan consolidation website that will not rip me off?

The question says it all. Any suggestions? I have over 50K in loans.



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One Response to "Lagitimate student loan consolidation website that will not rip me off?"

  1. NotAnyoneYouKnow says:

    Honestly, if your student loans are not government loans (Stafford or PLUS), you’ve got a very difficult road ahead of you.

    If you’d asked this question two years ago, I could have given you a list of about 20-25 major lenders who offered student loan consolidation. Right now, you’d be lucky to find 5.

    Four companies that I know are offering private loan consolidation products right now are:

    Collegiate Risk Management
    EduCare Financial
    Student Loan Financial Group

    I can warn you that all four of these lenders will subject your consolidation application to a rigorous and conservative analysis of your eventual ability to repay.

    If your loans ARE federal loans, you should start with the government’s own consolidation program – you can find that here:

    Good luck.

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