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Landlord-Tenant Law: Self-Help Eviction

Attorney fromlaw firm Allen & Arcadier, of Melbourne, Florida, discusses landlord-tenant law issue of self-help eviction. Allen & Arcadier, PA, practices Employment Law and Business Law. We also have divisions for Criminal Law, Tax Law, Bankruptcy Law, Family Law, Property Law, Immigration Law, Personal Injury Law. Allen & Arcadier, PA Attorneys at Law 2815 W. New Haven Avenue Suites 303 & 304 West Melbourne, FL 32904 PH: (321) 953-5998 FAX (321) 953-6075 Partners: Wayne L. Allen, JD, LLM Maurice Arcadier, JD, MBA


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2 Responses to "Landlord-Tenant Law: Self-Help Eviction"

  1. tpiro84 says:
    Though I’m in NJ and going through this problem of dealing with a landlord “Self-Help Eviction/Lockout”, with my recent research I’ve found that NJ Law is the same as it protects the tenant and I thank you for´╗┐ putting this video up!
  2. lsnfoundation says:
    Thank you for sharing this video especially on the behalf of those who plans to move to Florida from another state. This information can be very helpful for people who plan to relocate to Florida. Besides knowing´╗┐ the law and learning about your law firm can help others to contact you before going into a rental contract with a landlord from another state.

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