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Lang Xianping: China’s Economic Depression Has Begun

Follow us on TWITTER: Like us on FACEBOOK: On October 22, Lang Xianping, an economics professor at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, gave a private talk in Shenyang City in Liaoning Province. He cited statistics showing why the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is trapped in an economic crisis and is at brink of bankruptcy. Some scholars say that Lang’s conclusion is not surprising at all, for they themselves hold the same the view. Lang Xianping’s speech, which was widely circulated online, pointed out that the CCP’s official published growth rate of 9.1% and its inflation rate of 6.2%, are false. Instead he says, China as a nation, is bankrupt. Lang Xianping: “The 9.1% figure is false.The inflation rate of 6.2% is also false. Inflation has reached at least 16%! Do you know how to calculate the gross domestic product (GDP) figure? Nine minus six. The actual growth rate, according to the CCP’s data, should be less than 3%. What if the inflation rate was 16%? What’s the GDP growth rate? Minus seven percent. The situation is this serious.” Professor Lang said that all of the CCP’s current policies are covering up the deep, murky reality of China’s economy. He cited the Purchasing Managers Index to explain that back to early July, China’s economy entered a recession. Lang Xianping: “The Purchasing Managers Index, which was just released, showed a reading above 50. This indicates normal economic growth, while below 50 means the country is entering


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14 Responses to "Lang Xianping: China’s Economic Depression Has Begun"

  1. redwhitedude says:
    @TheDualEconomist How did it destroy japan?
  2. redwhitedude says:
    @TheDualEconomist Huh? What do you mean by the first sentence.
  3. TheDualEconomist says:
    @anunnaki2006 Hahaha, funny shit bro.

    Also, you might not know this, but America’s high-tech Tsunami machine destroyed Japan.

  4. TheDualEconomist says:
    @redwhitedude Japan is and war far from Communist. However, they had a strong central government propping up their economy, which is what Communist countries do.
  5. redwhitedude says:
    @tubichka Japan is a separate case. I wouldn’t lump japan with the communist countries.
  6. anunnaki2006 says:
    I bet you Lang is connected to the wicked Knights of Malta who’re trying to infiltrate and destroy China including its culture and traditional chinese medicine etc. Don’t let the worshipful company of Mercers anywhere near china or its Apothecaries poison sorcery of death for profit medicine scam.
  7. tubichka says:
    nothing new for the people following the news for some time on china. Also nothing new on the communistic front we all remember what happen to japan and USSR economical miracle that was ready to eat the whole world within 10 years … where they are now? This is common to all communistic country creating huge lies about everything and your live means nothing in all aspects … What this HK professor is saying on a secret meeting is the absolute true just watch next year what will happen soon …
  8. wenyudu says:
  9. douboymkIII says:
    yup. because some faggot and falung gong propaganda channel says so.

    cool source bro

  10. roidroid says:
    @BoghyFL You’ve only been here a few months. hello new youtuber. I hope you enjoy your stay
  11. roidroid says:
  12. BoghyFL says:
    If people in the streets protest for they rights are Pigs in your eyes – what makes you? A china government sucker that start feeling the heat of empty pockets?
    By the way – there is something called Made in USA - bitch! Soon you’ll have the taste of it…
  13. borderpatrol05 says:
    last year china had 180000 riots, just because its on CNN and Kardashians are does not mean it does not happen.
  14. mrzack888 says:
    what a joke this hk professor is. last i checked it was the PIGS in europe that have austerity and rioting, and occupy wall street in the US.

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