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LaRouche Webcast: Aug 1, 2009 – Fall of the House of Windsor Lyndon LaRouche delivers the leadership role that our nation needs. Warning that we have less than two months until the US economy fully disintegrates, unless his reforms are in place, LaRouche uniquely presents the solutions to our existential crisis bankruptcy reorganization, his 4-powers agreement, an international credit system… and reviving the manned space program. Watch his continuing dialog with the factions of the US institutions now gathering to fight for his policy… we don’t have much time left.

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25 Responses to "LaRouche Webcast: Aug 1, 2009 – Fall of the House of Windsor"

  1. junevi2000 says:
    The coming year is 2010 when he spoke last year but it happened already.
  2. Zamolxx says:
    The problem is that many people don’t understand what rethoric is.
  3. Zamolxx says:
    He’s not psykick ;) there are too many variables, too many schemes by the swindlers and you also have to take into account the bailout policies of the US and Europe that delayed the break down.
  4. Zamolxx says:
    Lyn calls for a new Bretton Woods, it’s not a NWO scheme, the exchange rates would be determined by the gold reference. Only through a fixed exchange rate, can interest rates be fixed on the uttering of sovereign credit of each individual sovereign nation state, for massive infrastructure and energy projects, in the tradition of Lincoln’s transnational railway and Dmitri Mendeleev’s transiberian railway;
  5. yahshuah29 says:
    I was 100% with you but I caint help but notice that you keep blaming the blk guy for all the problems of the last 100yrs! You brush over the last 8yrs of the distruction of this nation and blame it on obama? This is why this country will fall to its enemies because we dumb sheeple refuse to see we are all being screwed!!!!!!!!!!
  6. khavarian says:
    What exactly is the philosophical origin of an international credit system? It certainly has the ring of a centralized global bank run by a politburo to develop the world. Who determines the exchange rates? This sounds like global class warfare.
  7. ErnieBdutch says:
    Speak honestly and truly about the indians and the negros and the mexicans along with us true Citizens of America and our vow to truly Unite the World.
  8. ErnieBdutch says:
    How can I help? Retired army Infantry.
  9. bitethebook says:
    america was amusing while it lasted.
  10. laroucheyouth says:
    What LaRouche had said is that we will enter a new phase shift of collapse around the time of October.

    That does not mean that every effect of the crisis will be felt all at once, but that we are in a new phase of the crisis which will carry new worsening effects.

    We have entered that.

  11. JimboJammer1 says:
    This collapse Lyndon speaks of did not happen in October… but it could happen later on.. in 2009… This guy
    is a true patriot,,
  12. sansez says:
    LaRouche have good ideas, but dont like the way he expresses it
  13. sansez says:
    “…Warning that we have less than two months until the US economy fully disintegrates, UNLESS HIS REFORMS are in place, LaRouche uniquely presents the solutions to our existential crisis:…”

    Hes the saviour

  14. xxxnaileddownxxx says:
    Whatever happened to plain old mashed potatoes. If I wanted parsnip puree, I’d of asked for it. Damn!
  15. nutten08 says:
    i think this guy is full of shit….. larouche….. what kind of name is that???!!!!
    it should be la douche
  16. whateverujoke says:
    He shouldn’t give dates. Although in principle he is right on as far as our government is running.
  17. s1080t says:
    How long will this guy’s followers continue to ignore the fact that his prophecies don’t come true. I write this on October 5th. Why are the congress men and women still in congress and not dismembered and hiding. As of October 2nd . . . .blah, blah, blah.
  18. stoleninfo says:
    i would be very interested in knowing your views as i am wondering his role in the new world order
    i discovered him in Robert Anton Wilson’s
    “everything is under control”
    they all are in cohoots to us!
    different sides to a bunch of loons
  19. yrly59e says:
    The theory makes sense in a vague way, supported by disorienting and incorrect inperpretations.

    Fact – bailouts are similar to Nazi Germany’s spending in building their war machine, and there must be a way to repay the costs or the system will spend into bankruptcy.

    Fact- most of this speech is twisted and convoluted humerous nonsense.

    Fact- LaRouche is no idiot. He has a point. The craziness of these speeches is to convey his message and keep attention focused.

  20. ketchupkenny says:
  21. LATUM23 says:
    You are qualified for the Bohemian Groove.
  22. azaliatan2 says:
    Pot is bad for you
  23. djnero78 says:
    i live in ‘england’ parallel with london parallel with isle of white. 1st of all sorry, even though i am you and you are me.
    Would i know if 1 of the commenters on here was currently standing outside the federal reserve or somewhere with guns, pitch forks wotever, while i was reading it.
  24. djnero78 says:
    addicted to and everything in your life, such that it is.
    everything connected to an emotion or anything like that, you do need to take a second look, do i ‘actually’ like that? or is it bcos too many sheep do? or is there a 3rd possibility ?
  25. AngryOldBastard says:
    Great video, thanks for sharing.

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