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Laser Harp Cover: Third Rendez-vous by Jean Michel Jarre

Copyright recordings and music reproduced by kind permission of Francis Dreyfus Music and Jean Michel Jarre. Ever since I watched Jean Michel Jarre play the Laser Harp at the Rendez-vous Houston concert in 1986, I’ve had a dream of playing a Laser Harp one day. That day has come. :o ) I’ve had a hobby project going on for a while now, and it’s finally finished and fully functional. The Laser Harp is still in a prototype state at the moment, with parts scattered around on the floor. The plan is to build a wooden box that will contain all the parts. It is an unframed Laser Harp. This means that there are no sensors in the ceiling, and it would function just as well outdoors or in a large room. The beams would go on and on until they hit something. All of the Laser Harp’s parts are located on the floor. As no laser harp can make any sound itself, I use my Korg M3 synth as a sound source. Whenever a beam is interrupted, MIDI signals are sent to the synth, which makes the sound. Sorry, I can’t provide any construction plans at the moment, as this would require distribution of my specially programmed control software. This software, which is the “brain” of the Laser Harp is also in a “prototype” state and not ready for end users. Thanks to my brother Yngve Foshaug for filming this performance. This is a 100% real working Laser Harp, being played 100% live. :o )


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25 Responses to "Laser Harp Cover: Third Rendez-vous by Jean Michel Jarre"

  1. jmdphantom says:
    vraiment tres bien realisé , le son vient du korg m3 ¿, il est tres BIEN !!
  2. charcoal914 says:
  3. mtglen says:
    Very, very , very nicely done !!!:-)
  4. leemspoor says:
    way cool man i love it i wil build one too but why are you wearing the gloves for

    greating from the netherlands

  5. kirmet79 says:
    wow, thats great….. respekt….
  6. rfoshaug says:
    @DjLEATH3R No effect really, just the cameraman (my brother) zoomin in on my very very shiny sunglasses. :-)
  7. DjLEATH3R says:
    Thats so cool how you did the effect where when you zoom in you see you in first person xD
  8. JamesGraysStudio says:
    Well folks we are now offically living in the future.
  9. cjmitz says:
    How long do you hold the laser at each position and blank for? Thanks.
  10. DJPlero says:
    @elecsa01 You can find ready made Laser harp controller from Prolight. I’m saving money for this one, as I already have laser projector from Laserworld CS-300g
  11. solitaire813 says:
    Hi, it’s just a great words! Can you tell me about the unique background choir sounds…are they also from Korg M3 or some vst? Thank you in advance!
  12. zboston3 says:
    So has this instrument been used in any movie soundtracks?
  13. SuperHypnoman says:
    I will be putting a video of me playing the Laser harp i built on here soon… Its a project that a lot of people are taking up… I have PDF files and software to build and run a laser harp very soon for everyone so you all can build one… :D
  14. SuperHypnoman says:
    I will be putting a video of me playing the Laser harp i built on here soon… Its a project that a lot of people are taking up… I have PDF files and software to build and run a laser harp very soon… :D
  15. zark212 says:
  16. zark212 says:
    Thats freeekin awesome.
  17. g2galaxy says:
    OMG you are a genius. not just good playing but a fantastic remix. i can’t stop listening to this.
  18. SuperHypnoman says:
    I am in the middle of building a 2nd laser harp myself, got all the parts, sound patches and midi software.. They are great fun..
  19. zuchtmeista123 says:
    can i buy it???????????? XD to nice
  20. jaidavu says:
    Later that day he took over the world
  21. MultiMrPhill says:
    You Sir, are a GENIUS!
  22. elecsa01 says:
    If you ever market the laser harp I would most definately be interested in buying one.
  23. gordillojoma says:
    perfect!!!! biutiful.
  24. gnomiuszka says:
  25. oufc29 says:
    this is good he should play with jean micheal jarre

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