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Laser Harp Fully Functional Now you can build your own laser harp Finally got the bugs worked out with the sensor. The harp is driven by an Arduino (Boarduino varation) and connected to the impOSCar VSTi software synthesizer, the TAOS sensor array sits on the floor in it’s own stand. The array above the harp i is just made up of fs mirrors for added p’zazz. Can the laser harp be topped?


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25 Responses to "Laser Harp Fully Functional"

  1. TheSpill20 says:
    omg r u high in this you should definently be high for this
  2. zunedog31 says:
    The Blue Man Group should pick one of these up!!
  3. shadowzone69 says:
    who needs a keyboard when you’ve got this!
  4. mzmadmike says:
    @miguelgaio So says the guy hanging out on youtube criticizing people for being geeks.
  5. omaraty008 says:

    please stop existing.

    sincerely, the internet.

  6. carson22792 says:
    @miguelgaio holy sheet did he reely just say that zomfg
  7. TheRyanBerlin says:
    @rasmusgirl7 that’s because it’s a fricken laser harp!
  8. PyjamaTed says:
    @rasmusgirl7 IT’S MADE OF FRIGGIN LAZORS!
  9. DirtyDubstepSoldier says:
    Dear Santa…
  10. armitageist says:
    @ahhbitchtits69 you had *engineering* courses in high school? lucky bastard.
  11. MeMoshRocks says:
    oh nevermind I watched the other videos
  12. MeMoshRocks says:
    I wonder if you can include something similar to a theremin into this to be able to produce effects such as vibrato, while still playing the notes relative to the interrupted lasers.
  13. shobley says:
    @rasmusgirl7 I tried micing up the sound of my hand breaking the beam, but it wasn’t very musical
  14. rasmusgirl7 says:
    it sounds horribly artifical
  15. kruppenstein says:
    @miguelgaio if they were made in 50′s, it would be more like “THE WORLD OF TOMORROW!”
  16. makmegs says:
    seperate the notes in semitones then try and play it :)
  17. Panzers2006 says:
    how expensive is this thing??
  18. skylinedleeds says:
    Washing dishes turns women on does it? Thats what she tells you? I’ve got some bad news for you….
  19. TheWaladba7ri says:
    I am really interested to get a laser harp, can you please tell me how i can purchase one that is fully funtional to use with a MIDI software or synthesiser? I am very serious in this as i have already bought a few lasers such as the kam dmx, flash lights,led lights smoke machine, etc. Please contact me for any info because your work is brilllllliant mate.
  20. bingin15 says:
    woo that is so awesome!
  21. olegario39 says:
    tron much?? LOL
  22. groovykosher says:
    Is this an argon laser that you are using, or a frequency doubled yag? Does the kit come with wavelength sensitive safety glasses?
  23. beyourselfth says:
    now we need dry ice
  24. PoetryInM0tion says:
    I wonder what vacuums of the future will look like…
  25. dioofotaku says:
    @miguelgaio thaaaaaaaaaaaaaaats nice but no ones cares

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