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Lawline TV: “Economic Flux & the Tipping of the West”

Host: David Schnurman, Guest: Roger Arnold, ALM Advisors DESCRIPTION: The economic outlook for the United States, and the world, is dire. The dollar is weak, the US economy is close to insolvency, Greece is in economic turmoil, and China is growing at a rate that cannot be sustained. Our guest is Roger Arnold, a nationally recognized economist, radio talk show host, and experienced real estate executive. INTERVIEWER’S NOTE: Before the Economic Ping Pong event on Thursday night I was lucky enough to interview Roger Arnold in my studio (thanks to Matt Weiss) to discuss the economy and get updates from his predictions at Nerve 2010. In this interview he discussed the following: M1 and M2 money supply – Fractional reserve banking Update on his prediction of collapse of commercial real estate market Update on his prediction of the collapse of the stock market How close the US is to insolvency Our Debt Ceiling Our Deficit Trickle down economics Politics vs reality Greece & the Eurozone China and its Future


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