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Lawyers Held in Contempt for Foreclosure Fraud 732-580-2174 A New York ruling that lawyers must sign affidavits attesting to the truthfulness and thoroughness of their foreclosure filings is showing attorneys’ liability.

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5 Responses to "Lawyers Held in Contempt for Foreclosure Fraud"

  1. decycle1 says:
    @nikonj27 what i want to see is some convictions,so what if they get hassled buy the court system and weasel their way out buy manipulating the system.i wanna see some of these fraudulent lawyers and bank executives filling up trash bags on the side of the highway
  2. nikonj27 says:
    @rbrouwer5 >fighting back through the court system, as difficult as it may be, in my opinion is the only way one may get financial justice…as far as taking back our GOV…well a lot more Americans need to wake up and start being pro active…
  3. rbrouwer5 says:
    good im going through the same bull shit…2 years no payment…and attorney hired…funny they need an extension on their discovery end…American dream is the American nightmare…fight the system…take back our government who is bought by the banks …give them hell…lawyers are cheaper than paying the mortgage. lol
  4. nikonj27 says:
    @ eyewitness043…
    you are right, just because they have gotten caught and are guilty does not mean that the judges will do anything about it…the judges are also part of the problem… a lot of them have political aspirations or other agendas and do not want to rock the boat…but the boat has sprung a leak and with the help of the politicians…the ones that are behind the polls and are looking to gain ground in the upcoming election….sit back and watch as they throw everyone under the buss
  5. eyewitness043 says:
    Sevral Judges, including Florida Judge Rondolino have claimed “they don’t believe any of the documentation in these mass foreclosures are valid”. Now, if that be true – how then is it possible that the vast majority of the court decisions in foreclosure cases are ruled in favor of the corrupt banks and criminals posing as attorney’s?

    My investigation indicates compromised (bribed) judiciaries are at the center of this stealthy liquidation of gov’t debt misnomered fraudclosure.

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