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learning the harp and electric guitar at the same time?

hey guys,

right now i’m learning the harp from a very qualified teacher, i’m about 4 months into it. I practice for about an hour a day and I hope to keep that up and increase practice time when i am able to (i’m a non-music university student). I plan to join a community or youth orchestra 2 or 3 years down the road, since I am doing very well with it.

however, i’m also really into learning the electric guitar, because its such a versatile instrument that can play a whole variety of music…unlike the harp. My brother has a guitar with amp but he stopped playing, so I already have what i need. I know the bare basics about fingering and technique from him.

The one thing I am afraid of is mixing up the hand and finger technique between instruments. My harp teacher is very strict when it comes to technique (with good reason, the harp is a difficult instrument) and I don’t know if the guitar is going to screw me up. So should I wait for a while (couple years) until I am more confident on the harp before I start the guitar, or does it not matter if I start in the next few months?

by the way, I love both instruments…I don’t want to choose between one or the other. I’m asking if I should wait or not..thanks guys.

I forgot to add, I want to learn the electric guitar because its fun…I listen to all kinds of rock music. With the harp, I hope to do some freelance work on the side. (I listen to classical music, too.)


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2 Responses to "learning the harp and electric guitar at the same time?"

  1. mo t says:
    Lots of musicians play multiple instruments.

    The harp and the guitar both use the G scale so you shouldn’t have a problem there.

    The fingering of the instruments is different but you will easily learn how to do both.

    Why not give it a try.
    I am sure your harp teacher will encourage you in the proper techniques for the harp and you will learn how to handle a guitar.

    Good for you. They are both string instruments and I imagine you will have a wonderful time with both.

  2. Doc says:
    It shouldn’t be a problem for you to do both; you won’t mix up the techniques because they are very different. You will have a different mindset when doing either instrument. And of course, the more you do it, the more proficient you get.
    The biggest problem I foresee for you is finding time to devote to both instruments. I assume you’re learning pedal harp? That will be a pretty heavy commitment by itself. But there’s no reason to wait for one instrument or the other. You never stop learning. It doesn’t make sense to expect that you’ll finish learning one, and can then go on to something else.

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