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Leave It All Behind

If banks are “too big to fail” does that mean the rest of us are just the right size? In today’s economy, bankrupt is the new black. Leave It All Behind. The debut music video from The Dalliance dealing with bankruptcy in America.


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25 Responses to "Leave It All Behind"

  1. attorneydavidnelson says:
    @DisgustingDoom I think its from the King James Bible and I’m pretty sure the ultra one you mentioned is the tax code.

    Great Song

    Everyone should file all at once #payback

  2. OneNationUnderCanada says:
    Money creates social disparities in technology ,science, and philosophy  . The reason why we a
  3. OneNationUnderCanada says:
    The problems we can fix the problem by just changing usury laws in America. It has to be worldwide because you can file bankruptcy all you want but that doesn’t mean just cu you got good credit that you will have a job that pays enough for a new house . Banks brainwash people with nationalism to make us think it’s foreigners that are the enemies to our economic independence bit in reality it’s moneys itself. The reason why people are homeless isn’t because of lack of money but because we were
  4. arc8iablue says:
    @TheDalliance actually, I’m not entirely sure it is (researching), but I’ve heard of elderly people in particular being duped by these schemes, and just a couple of weeks ago I got a call at my job from a woman at an attorney’s office about a debt- she gave me a number to call her back but refused to tell me what debt or which creditor it was regarding- I told her if she couldn’t tell me then don’t expect me to call back and referred her to my attorney. Haven’t heard from her again.
  5. TheDalliance says:
    @DisgustingDoom You just might have THE best username on all of YouTube! Thanks.
  6. DisgustingDoom says:
    you just had to take a good thing and add a piece of the ultra shitty bible to it, way to go.

    (other than that, great video)

    power to the people.

  7. TheDalliance says:
    @arc8iablue Seriously? That hasn’t happened to me, but how the hell is that LEGAL? How in the hell did anyone elected by us allow that to be legal? WTF?
  8. arc8iablue says:
    “bankrupt is the new black” -love it! -been there done that, unfortunately right after they passed the new law and doubled the cost of filing. One more thing that everyone needs to know: even after your bankruptcy is discharged, your creditors can “sell” your debt to collection agencies who will then try to get that money out of you- if you pay that collector any money YOU REOPEN THAT ACCOUNT!!! Don’t ever pay a bill that you are unsure where it came from! I had someone try to do this to me.
  9. lorifaerye says:
    ACE IN THE HOLE VIDEO!! LOVE IT! I posted it to my FaceBook page…everyone should do the same….let’s spread the word and take this broken piece of shit system to it’s knees where we can kick the shit out of it!!!! But at the same time, look at your neighbor and see if you can help him up…it’s going to take us looking out for each other…THEY sure as hell won’t!
  10. lorifaerye says:
    I filed for bankruptcy in 2005 before all the laws changed…didn’t use a lawyer but a lawyer’s assistant, and it only cost me $300! And yes, all my doctor bills and $90,000 worth of debt lifted off my shoulders! The only thing left is my college loans which have DOUBLED since 1999 because I can’t find work. I tried to apply to get a deferment but they said I have to pay $200 a month for 9 months first…YEAAAAA…as if I have that! soooo now I owe $40,000. still….
  11. TheDalliance says:
    @AcebassII: You rock too, my friend!
  12. AcebassII says:
    You guys rock. 
  13. TheDalliance says:
    @TheCrazyCatLady83 Insanely enough, it costs about $3000 to file bankruptcy through an attorney. You can try filing for it on your own, but I don’t recommend it. As far as I know, you can discharge your medical debts through Chapter 7, but I would still talk to an attorney about it. Most of them offer free consultations.
  14. TheCrazyCatLady83 says:
    I love the video. Do medical bills count for bankruptcy? I had colon cancer when I was 24, since I wasn’t going to lay down and die at 24 I did what I had to medically. Now what do I do with all of these medical bills since I have been laid off of two jobs now in the past 2 years (neither of them had unemployment benefits)? How much does bankruptcy cost? Since I have no income to speak of.
  15. TheCrazyCatLady83 says:
    I love the video. Do medical bills count for bankruptcy? I had colon cancer when I was 24, since I wasn’t going to lay down and die at 24 I did what I had to medically. Now what do I do with all of these medical bills since I have been laid off of two jobs now in the past 2 years (neither of them had unemployment benefits)? How much does bankruptcy cost?
  16. asdjrocky says:
    Very good vid! 3 chord power pop with a message, my kind of band. Plus, bass player gets high marks for not using a pick!
  17. TheDalliance says:
    @Eraser7622 In a lot of cases, bankruptcy actually allows you to keep most of your assets, and the harrassing phone calls will stop. Without bankruptcy, your creditors will hound you forever, serving you with subpoenas and suing you for anything they can get. They can even put a lien on your house. Besides the practical aspects of it, politically I’d like to see more people who can benefit from bankruptcy actually do it so the statistics can go up and maybe our government will take notice.
  18. Eraser7622 says:
    Good vid.. did not know that the debt forgiveness is considered income.. very good to know.

    Question: Why declare bankruptcy and then have to give the courts (and thereby provide your information also to the government and every suppressor organization)?  Isn’t it better to just stop paying if you have no assets you could lose in court?

  19. TheDalliance says:
    @erkd1 Thank you! Love your videos too.
  20. erkd1 says:
    @erkd1 errr…thumbs up anyways, I guess YouTube doesn’t use stars anymore :P
  21. erkd1 says:
    For the same price of TARP the government could of bought all the ‘troubled assets’ (as in mortgages banks paid too much for), adjusted the rates to be more fair, and as long as people were making good faith payments they stay in their home. Screw the corporate banks, let them fail. Credit unions are member owned, provide the exact same function and require zero bailouts. If your mortgage balance is substantially higher then what your house is worth…then leave it all behind! 5 stars, fav’d
  22. bigdad06 says:
    Thanks for saying what I have been saying for years now! This is an economic war! You must fight it by buying gold and silver and defaulting on your loans to the banks.
  23. PeoplesVideo says:
    Thanks for the interest. 
  24. skybirdbird says:
    love it!…
  25. Gdaiva1 says:
    thank you for checking out our chanel

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