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Legal Advice Please Can Someone Help?

Basicly I gave 2 phones to a shop near to where i live and they said there would be no charge when to look at them. When I went to collect them he said I would have to pay or i cant get them back?

What rights to I have?
Hi, it was given to the shop to see why it wasnt working – it was just a corner shop kind of thing.


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3 Responses to "Legal Advice Please Can Someone Help?"

  1. Mooglex3 says:
    You haven’t given much detail here, fill in more stuff such as why you gave 2 phones to a shop and whether the person has done anything additional other than look at the phones.
  2. Amelia Peron says:
    just add an extention and give reasons why you’d give phones to a shop in the first place and what type of shop it was
  3. Pal says:
    Did you get a receipt when you dropped them off, did it say there would be a diagnostics charge, did they say they did anything more than run a diagnostic, is this actually a legitimate business, do they have a business license, did you call the better business bureau on them, do you usually do business with fly by night outfits?

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