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Legal Help?

I know a lady who worked in a motel for 18 years and the motel owners sold it. with out telling the workers. So they are out on the street with out a job. this happened today. and they gave them 10 days to get their stuff and leave. Is their any thing that can be done about this.. Any thing legal.? Is this Right? I need help it’s my girlfriends MOM


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3 Responses to "Legal Help?"

  1. mj69catz says:
    Yes, it is legal. Most employment is “at will” and has no legal requirement for continued employment.

    There is no reason the employer needs to inform its staff that a sale is pending, because it can cause problems.

    Your GF’s mom has the ability to request a job from the new owners, or find a job on her own. 10 days is actually very reasonable.

  2. rwa000 says:
  3. Gem says:
    Yes, she can apply for unemployment, and start looking for a new job.

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