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Legal Questions : How to Get a Pistol Permit

While every American citizen has the right to bear arms, each individual state has its own regulations, laws and procedures to follow in order to get a permit to carry a gun. Go to a gun dealer or a police department to apply for a permit to carry a pistol withhelp from a certified civil mediator in this free video on gun permits. Expert: Robert Todd Bio: Robert Todd is the managing partner and president of Robert M. Todd, PA and Family Law Solutions. Filmmaker: Christopher Rokosz


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16 Responses to "Legal Questions : How to Get a Pistol Permit"

  1. SenorDennis says:
    God could he talk any slower
  2. woahcoolwaffles121 says:
    @radicalangel7 use it well.
  3. Lynnmist says:
    does anybody know if this is what a person needs to do in the state of massachusetts to obtain a gun permit?
  4. Lynnmist says:
    @jmrodz80 no i was thinking the exact samething !!!!!!!!!!!
  5. BailEnforcement1 says:
    Become A Bail Enforcement Agent In Connecticut
    w w w RecoveryContractors o r g
  6. jmrodz80 says:
    Is it me or does he look exactly like James Brolin?
  7. radicalangel7 says:
    COOL I JUST GOT MY M1911 FUCKEN AWSOME thnx for telling me how to get a permit!!!
  8. Itatchi777 says:
    @goddard152 its common sense, You must be 21 or older
  9. 5LEVERAGE says:
    @goddard152 no lol you cant just get a gun and go out and your to young u got to be trained but what you can do is tell your dad to get 1 he can pass the test thing then whhen you grow up your dad can give it to you so u dont have to but one when you grow up but still need a permit and pass the test
  10. nightshade288 says:
    @goddard152 lol no but your dad should start teaching you gun safety long ago
  11. timberland1108 says:
    @goddard152 no 21
  12. XIPM3 says:
    @JDM867 how?
  13. kuraisong says:


  14. HavePride1 says:
    same thing, it’s just considered “semi-auto” it will have a governor pin in it, that makes it legal.
  15. kofothree says:
    how ’bout a machine gun?
  16. goddard152 says:
    can i get one at age 13-17

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