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Leo Kirch a German media entrepreneur

Leo Kirch Leo Kirch (21 October 1926 — 14 July 2011) was a German media entrepreneur who founded the Kirch Group. Leo Kirch and former Chancellor of Germany Helmut Kohl have been on friendly terms for decades. Kirch was always accused of preferential coverage and advertising. Kohl arranged the creation of commercial television as one of his first official acts as Chancellor in 1982; this allowed Kirch to own a TV station and sports broadcasting rights. During the 1999 CDU contributions scandal, it was revealed that Kirch had donated six million DM to the CDU during Helmut Kohl’s tenure as chancellor. In addition, Kohl, along with various other CDU politicians, was revealed to be an adviser to the firm during the insolvency process. Leo Kirch was identified by the Wall Street Journal to be a target of Deutsche Bank’s spying scandal. Moreover, according to the WSJ, the lawfirm that was representing Kirch was the target, and perhaps victim of, an effort to infiltrate a “mole” into the firm in furtherence of the Bank’s spying.

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  1. edgar0001 says:
    Dieser Mann hat mit seiner Pleite dem bayerischen Steuerzahler 2-3 Milliarden EURO gekostet, die ihm die CSU-Spetzels zu geschanzt haben, um durch die Einführung des Privatfernsehens die Deutschen endgültig – mit seinen aufgekauften US-Idioten- und Horrorfilmen – zu verblöden und verrohen !
    Das war natürlich gerade, richtig um die CDU/CSU-Wählerschaft zu erhöhen. Bei soviel Mord, Horror, Sexismus und Verrohung flüchtet man sich ja in die angeblich “christlichen Parteien” – die Schuld daransind

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