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Liberal policy leads to bankruptcy?

“The governor says $3.2 billion in cuts must be enacted how — or else. The cuts range from $500 million in agency spending to over $1 billion in already committed in aid to school districts and hospitals. “

“The governor in his state of the state speech on Thursday said California faces insolvency within weeks if it does not balance its books.”

“Kirwan said the state expects to spend substantially more for insurance subsidies than the $869 million Governor Deval Patrick proposed in his 2009 budget just two months ago, because of increasing enrollment and higher payments to insurers. In private briefings, she has told coalition members that the cost could be $100 million more, according to several who were present. The administration declined to confirm that number.”

Before you invoke Bush keep in mind, Obama has doubled his debt. A debt that Bush policy accumulated over eight years, was doubled in the first two months of the Obama administration.

Why do you support and defend liberal politicians?


  1. Why have liberals forgotten that it was liberal affordable housing policies that caused the mortgage meltdown? The banks didn’t lend money to people who couldn’t pay it back until laws enacted by liberals like Barney Frank,...

  2. how did california get into its financial mess? I just read in the paper today that arnold wants to cut many programs like healthcare, schools, parks, public safety...

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  4. what are the reason, why do banks leads to bankruptcy?? what are the solution? i need an immediate answer..? ...

  5. Are all anti-Bush people “Liberal?”? I have intense hatred for George W. Bush because of the catastrophic consequences of the mismanagement of his presidency. He...

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6 Responses to "Liberal policy leads to bankruptcy?"

  1. CaptainFreon says:
    Yup, add this to your arsenal of links!
  2. Marque and Reprisal says:
    I don’t defend any politicians, I defend statesmen. There is only one statesman in the Congress although, that will change in 2010.
  3. Pluto C. Rat says:
    I don’t know – ask AIG, Merrill Lynch, and Lehman Brothers 2008.
  4. Steve says:
    Again America’s government is already bankrupt we owe nearly every country money, our biggest debt is to China, we owe just China over a Trillion Dollars. This was before Obama.

    It does not matter what they do America will be in the same hole anyway.

  5. future says:
    The Federal Govt, Post Office, Medicare and Social Security are bankrupt because Republicans PURPOSEFULLY BANKRUPTED THEM!
    This via insane, unsustainable tax cuts with nothing to replace the revenue, which is why Bush had to borrow 600 billion dollars from the Chinese in the mean time.
  6. andy says:
    I agree with you, we are heading towards a debt level last seen at the end of WWII and so far neither side is willing to cut spending period. In this case it is not a cut and dry liberal versus conservative measure. It doesn’t help though when the Democrats severely underfund the military for 8 years and then when it is needed we have to double the spending to get it back up to good fighting order.

    For the idiots out there that think cutting taxes leads to lower revenue, please study economics on this before opening your mouth. There is a sweet spot where lowering taxes actually brings in more tax revenue than keeping them the same or raising them.

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