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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Insolvency » Liberals, can you define “insolvency”, as it pertains to the Federal government?

Liberals, can you define “insolvency”, as it pertains to the Federal government?

AND, IF, the government is insolvent, what should be done?
Gee Wally: We also owe black people 40 acres and a mule! So, what’s your point?

Diddy: Thank you for being an honest/typical liberal.
Louis: So, the government needs MORE money? That is your answer? (rolling eyes)


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11 Responses to "Liberals, can you define “insolvency”, as it pertains to the Federal government?"

  1. idiot says:
    If the government is insolvent then we should spend more
  2. Gee Wally says:
    Clinton handed the GOP a surplus and they squandered it. When are you Republicans going to pay it back?
  3. CrotchItchBites says:
    Lib Definition: insolvency is when the top 1% of earners have nothing left to give.
  4. An Inconvienent Hypocrite says:
    I know, I know!!! Print more money! Give a million dollars to everyone and problem solved….. Lib answer not mine
  5. Diddy says:
    I am the biggest liberal out there and no idea what “insolvency”…so no…
  6. chris tanzu says:
    sure giving 800 Billion dollar to insolvent banks on wall street.
  7. Big Peter says:
    lol, not insolvent just suckered by the ultra rich.
  8. Louis says:
    Apparently the answer is to cut taxes so that the government takes in less money.
  9. Tennesee Tuxedo says:
    They don’t care. They avoid talking about it as best they can. That is pretty much their entire battle plan.
  10. W.C. Felcher says:
    Inability to pay debts as they become due.

    Stop fighting unnecessary wars and military conflicts. Close most overseas U.S. military bases throughout the planet. Stop all corporate welfare. Close tax loopholes for unrepatriated foreign earnings by multi-national corporations. Audit Exxon, GE, and any other corporations making record profits and reporting zero tax liability. Eliminate tax subsidies to the oil industry. Tax banks the same as any other corporation. Eliminate all foreign aid until U.S. becomes a creditor nation again. Eliminate all farm subsidies and agricultural price supports. Eliminate home owners mortgage interest deduction.

    Term limits for Senators. Eliminate all non-voter eligible, U.S. citizen donations to politicians in any form whatsoever.

  11. ian r says:
    It means the Federal Government can’t pay their bills

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