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Liberals: why are Social Security and Medicare always on the brink of insolvency–nice job, what’s next?

Obamacare? I thought all of these programs were supposed to pay for themselves.


  1. Why aren’t we addressing Social Security and Medicare first and solving their insolvency instead of Healthcare? These programs are going to be insolvent really soon, why aren’t concentrating our efforts into fixing them first before creating...

  2. Why do the GOP insist that their raiding of Social Security proves an insolvency inherent in Security Security? Yes, the Democrats nibbled….but 2 unpaid for Wars and took the biggest bite! ...

  3. What are the Democrat’s Solutions to the Bankruptcy of Social Security? Now that it is paying out more than it is taking in. ...

  4. With the likely insolvency of Medicare and SS has anyone entertained the idea of suing the Fed? For reimbursement with the Social Security and Medicare statement as a contract ? Edit @ Maxx, only duress edit @...

  5. What measures should be taken to save medicare from insolvency? ...

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7 Responses to "Liberals: why are Social Security and Medicare always on the brink of insolvency–nice job, what’s next?"

  1. Gee Wally says:
    Those programs have done well. Getting rid of them are the GOP’s death panels. They’re true death panels at that. Not that any republican would care.
  2. Peter says:
    It’s a demographics problem. There are alot of baby boomers set to retire soon. Social Security does pay for itself. The solution is to raise the taxable income limits and raise the retirement age.
  3. Mike says:
    Democrat, Republican… The thing you have to stop and think about is who benefits from what these politicians do.

    I mean Obamacare? Who do you think that helps out? -Insurance companies. Now they get to jack up rates on everybody and make even more money.

    Privatizing SS would make a lot of money for someone too.

    I like Social Security. What we need to do is make it illegal for the politicians to borrow from it. As for Medicare, old people need health coverage. What else are they going to do? Just keel over and die? Let’s not forget that they paid taxes into it too.

  4. FOOD FIGHT! says:
    It is slightly under underfunded in 30 years and whose fault is that. Ashley, if we do nothing SS will only take in 70% of what it makes for 6 years starting in 2047. After that it will begin pulling a surplus again for at least 75 years so take that big brain of yours and do a little research.
  5. tonalc2 says:
    Well, your premise is incorrect so your question is moot.
  6. mylaugh_hAhAhA says:
    Because there is no limit to the amount of money that someone will spend when it doesn’t need to be earned. The programs rely on the promise to take from future generations to fund current desires. The market prices adjust up to meet the amount government will pay. There is little to stop the government from offering more than it can reasonably take.

    Obama’s expenditures have forced the country to decide whether it will survive by being parasitic or productive. If Americans do nothing, America will fall to the parasites and be as relevant as any other socialistic nation.

  7. No name says:
    I would like to get rid of both of these programs.

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