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Debt Relief – Insolvency – Bankruptcy Information » Mortgage Refinancing » Liberals: you want to admit Bush did good job with North Korea?

Liberals: you want to admit Bush did good job with North Korea?

Lead story from Yahoo:

“N.Korea agrees to disable nuclear program in 2007
North Korea’s lead nuclear negotiator Kim Kye-gwan leaves a hotel in Geneva, September 2, 2007. North Korea agreed in weekend talks with the United States to fully account for and disable its nuclear programs by the end of this year, negotiators said on Sunday.”

So, my “Liberal” (supposedly fair, open minded) friends, can you admit for once Bush got it right? (and I won’t harp on the fact that Clinton got bamboozled).
Everyone should notice VAUGHN’s answer. She’s fair minded.

“That_Guy_Over_There”: Bush did exactly the OPPOSITE of what the Dems wanted him to do. They kept insisting that bilateral talks were the only solution. Bush was too clever to fall into that trap. He knew it would take the pressure off them from China and Japan. Once again, Bush has trounced the critics by succeeding admirably.


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22 Responses to "Liberals: you want to admit Bush did good job with North Korea?"

  1. tons'o'fun says:
    not really followed this. but if bush is to blame then i will say well done and give him my congratulations
  2. Mordent says:
    Yep. He did. Because he did it through the UN. I will freely admit that in this respect Bush did the right thing – though it was by no means him alone.
  3. Edge Caliber says:
    Its ironic that diplomacy worked for North Korea but you still want to continue the war in Iraq?

    You can’t have it both ways now.

  4. Henry VIII says:
    Wow, he finally got something right after how many years in office? Congrats George, it is about time. Of course the actions of other countries on North Korea we will over look and give all the glory to our guy, right?
  5. That_Guy_Over_There says:
    You mean because he finally did what Democrats spent four years trying to get him to do?
    Or that he finally did what he refused to do ,because unlike the Clinton Administration,he refused to “pay blackmail” to North Korea?
    He finally went around China and Japan and everybody else.The delegation that struck a deal with North Korea was American.You people and your “history”.
  6. Mezmarelda says:
    Just wait ’til the cheap conservatives find out how much money the taxpayers are paying for it.
  7. Lover says:
    hey get a big hammer and begin to hit your head
    when your brain is functional again
    you can stop to hit your head
  8. G-Man says:
    Of course they won’t, and we certainly know the mainstream media won’t, they will give it the attention of a passing footnote on the tickertape. Bush has done a masterful job of N. Korea, the verdict is still out whether N. Korea will comply or not but Bush has done all he can.

    Response: Oh right, and of course we know diplomacy will work on the terrorists in Iraq, Edge Caliber. Because it has worked so well in the past, right?

  9. MenifeeManiac says:
    Paying off a terrorist nation is a great way to deter terrorism in the world.

    What happened to your Reaganist mantra, “We don’t negotiate with terrorists”?

    If Bush hadn’t opened his mouth with the “Axis of Evil” speech, North Korea would no have been so hostile to our requests to discontinue nuclear weaponry, and the US would not have had to pay off the billions necessary for North Korea to agree.

    However, Bush is not worried about the billions he has mortgaged our future on; he has over $21 million on assets, and will garner $50k-$75k through each speaking seminar after his term has ended. HE does not need to worry about Social Security.

  10. wolf says:
    Because the Democrats support North Korea.
    They never support the USA.
  11. SNCK says:
    Course not, some polititian using an airport bathroom is more important to them and their liberal media friends to bother with this story.
  12. bush-deathgrip says:
    as if the UN had no role in this…….lol
  13. Mark F says:
    This is no proof that Bush has ever done a good job with any country.
    There is no way of knowing what the results of this or anything else he has done will be, or whose fault it will be.
  14. A Person says:
    Considering Clinton gave them money to build their nuke program by providing NK with heating oil and food so they could divert money to their nuke program I would say this is a better alternative. Although NK maybe just buying time.

    I would also say Bush hit the nail on the head, when he declared Iraq, Iran and NK an axis of evil. Shortly afterward NK admitted to a nuke program and there is quite a bit of evidence they are helping Iran with its program. The media was against Bush’s comments, who was right? Did the media correct itself, I think not.

  15. fateridder says:
    yes that was great but since 15 million people have died because of starvation in North Korea since 1995 I would hardly call it ” right “
  16. YorkiesDad says:
    Bush’s first method of international discourse was already engaged in Afg. and Iraq. So he had to do things by talking.
  17. Vaughn says:
    Please do notice that most people who say no, Liberals won’t admit that, also refer to Liberals as “they.”

    AS A LIBERAL, I’m happy to admit that Bush did well in N. Korea. I’m happy with his suggestion to deal with the ARM mortgage crisis, as well. Unlike certain others (including all those non-liberals thinking they know the answer), I’m able to look at the different things someone does and approve of some while disapproving of others. That does not ameliorate my disapproval of the others. Does the fact that Bush did a good job in Korea make YOU think that he is therefore beyond reproach in every political decision he makes?

  18. Roadrat says:
    If you believe that North Korea will *actually* keep its word and do that, I have a great bridge in NYC that I’d like to discuss with you. (And, BTW — if *we* and several other nations are entitled to build and stockpile nukes, *so* is N. Korea!)

    As for Bush — he’s been very consistent, and seems to be well on his way to KEEPING the title he’s earned for himself, for the rest of his ill-gotten term — “WORST President in American History.” He has done NOTHING good for America in 6-1/2 years.

  19. baserunner316 says:
    How much money did North Korea have to pay up????? And do you seriously think they will honor that agreement???? we need to be building links with SOUTH Korea, Japan, Thailand and Tawain.
  20. Mike W says:
    Not paying the extortion was a good move, and it payed off. The DPRK has agreed to disable the nuclear programme for now. That doesn’t mean that they won’t, in the future, threaten to start it up again to test the resolve of our next President. They have a history of changing their policies in order to get what they want.
  21. Steven C says:
    President Bush is an incompetent President period.
    He should be impeached.

    Look at the number of blunders he had in his 7 years:

    Stealing the election in 2000

    Hiring incompetent cronies for his cabinet.

    Lying to Americans about WMDs in Iraq.

    His Mission Accomplished statement.

    Mismanagement of the Iraq War.

    Mismanagement of the the Katrina situation.

    The Pardon of Scooter Libby

    Protecting Alberto Gonzales, when it was obvious to everyone that he lied to Congress.

  22. booda2009 says:
    Yay, now he’s 1 for 29057129057129587.
    That is, if this is legit. Come on…it’s North Korea we’re talking about.

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